Hills and my Wednesday afternoon

Hello, beautiful humans, and happy Wednesday. I hope your week is going well.

Today was my first hill-based workout for my marathon training. San Francisco is known for its hills so these are not workouts I am going to skip or half-ass. No way.

My mileage is still pretty low, but here’s the workout:

-1 mile warm up

-9 x 35 seconds running up a lengthy hill at 70-75% effort. Walk back down.

-1 mile cool down


My training plan called for 8-10 sprints and I did 9, so I thought I’d share 9 thoughts I had while running.

#1: Wow, I definitely could have pushed harder, that felt pretty easy.

#2: Okay, so that was pushing too much.

#3: Holy headwind.

#4: 35 seconds really doesn’t feel long until the last 5.

#5: I wonder if that’s how the last 0.2 miles of the marathon will feel.

#6: Seriously, do I get bonus points for sprinting uphill into this wind?

#7: Only one left!

#8: Come on, don’t be such a wimp, you can definitely do one more.

#9: I’m so glad I’m done and I’m also really, really glad I wore my gloves today.


After I finished, I came home, changed into normal clothes, made breakfast, and then went to class. I only have one class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays this semester which is pretty awesome. I like coming home and putting on sweats again that quickly.

After I made myself some lunch, I got to work on homework. If you aren’t interested in my school stuff, skip down to the picture of my cat.

Right now, there are about four and a half weeks of classes left (excluding finals week) and I have 3 papers left in my semester. One is due April 25 and the other two are due May 4 and May 5.


Thankfully, the amount of reading my professors expect has decreased by quite a bit. I’m focusing on the first paper, the one due on April 25, right now. It’s for my history class, Secret Societies and Conspiracies, and I have to do some research and crank out a 9-12 page paper. Because it requires 3 different sources, and also in-depth analysis of those sources, it will be the most time-consuming so I’m getting an early start.

Anyways, I’ll do a whole other post on how I’ve stayed organized in college so I don’t find myself having to pull an all-nighter to finish a 10 page paper. Suffice to say, my organizational skills have increased dramatically since entering college.


Obi loves his bed. We bought it this past summer, right when we first found him, and he’s love it ever since. No matter what his mood is–cranky, hungry, hyper–if we put him in his bed, he immediately starts purring. It’s adorable.


We added a blanket to his bed when the weather got incredibly cold. We’ve had a few warm days in the past week. By warm, I mean in the fifties. But overall, it’s still pretty cold here in Idaho. I made myself a cup of tea to keep my hands warm while I work this afternoon.


Hope you’re staying warm (if you live where winter is stubbornly hanging around) and if you’re somewhere warm, enjoy it.

Until next time,


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