Sunday Recap: Week 3

Hello, beautiful humans. I hope your weekend has been relaxing. Here's how Week 3 of training went for me. Monday: I took advantage of having the day off by sleeping in before heading for my four mile easy run. Finished with a big smile. Tuesday: Busy, busy day but I got in a leg workout … Continue reading Sunday Recap: Week 3

Sunday Recap: Week 2

Two weeks down, sixteen to go! Monday: 3 easy miles after class. It was so warm I almost considered shorts but decided the wind would make me regret that decision. But the sun was out the whole time, which felt amazing. Tuesday: Leg workout from MBB Home Week 2. Downside of the big gym is … Continue reading Sunday Recap: Week 2

The Plan

Hello beautiful humans and happy Valentine's Day! Or, as my mom calls it, happy Love-of-Chocolate Day! I have already had one Reese's heart and I might have another because I am nothing if not a lover of chocolate, especially if it's filled with peanut butter. Today, I thought I'd give you a quick explanation of … Continue reading The Plan