Sunday Recap: Week 7

I'm not gonna lie, this week nothing went according to plan. But let's start from the beginning. Monday: My running class was supposed to run 3-4 miles so I got there early to get in 2 before, because my plan called for 6 miles. Everything was going great until about mile 4 when suddenly my … Continue reading Sunday Recap: Week 7

10 Pieces of Advice for College Freshmen

Hello beautiful humans. Today, I thought I'd share some random pieces of advice regarding college. Some of you likely graduated from college, so if nothing else, I hope these make you nostalgic. Or maybe there's a high school senior you know who could benefit from some advice. Okay, so, here we go: #1- Please for … Continue reading 10 Pieces of Advice for College Freshmen


Hello, beautiful humans. I wanted to talk a little today about how grateful I am for spring. It's sunny today, and I ran in shorts at 8:00 am, a first of the year, and so I'm going to call it: spring is officially here. Spring has never been my favorite season, especially here in northern … Continue reading Spring

Sunday Recap

Good morning (or afternoon) beautiful humans. That's a wrap on Marathon Training Week 5. Here's how my week went: Monday: 5 easy miles in what started out as snow and then turned to rain and then, twenty minutes after we finished, the sun came out. So, no running picture but here's Obi: Tuesday: Leg workout, … Continue reading Sunday Recap