Day in the life

Happy Friday, beautiful humans. I hope some of you have a long weekend to look forward to like I do. Today, I thought I'd share what a typical week day looks like for me. I just want to preface this by saying a couple of things. 1- I am aware I am in a very … Continue reading Day in the life

Marathon Fears and Goals: #5

I got my bib confirmation for San Francisco this weekend and it really hit home that the marathon is in less than a month. This week is my highest mileage week and I have a weird twinge on the back of my left leg I'm hoping will sort itself out with some stretching and ice. … Continue reading Marathon Fears and Goals: #5

Sunday Recap

My marathon is four weeks from today. Four. Weeks. From. Today. I'm not nervous and excited, you're nervous and excited. Okay, okay, I'll stop trying to be funny and get into what I did this week. Monday: Five easy miles. Not a whole lot else but that was a week ago so I don't really … Continue reading Sunday Recap