Trip to Kauai: Days 4-6

Welcome back! Today we are continuing my recap of our (meaning mine and my boyfriend Matt's) graduation trip to Kauai! Day 4:┬áThere are wild chickens all over Kauai and the roosters serenaded us every morning starting at about 4:00 am so I was awake by 6:00. It worked out okay because I got in a … Continue reading Trip to Kauai: Days 4-6

Trip to Kauai: Days 1-3

This post is not going to be about running at all. It's going to be all about my trip to Kauai. If you're not interested, the running will resume on Sunday when I recap Week 12 of my training for the San Francisco Marathon. First, a little background on how/why we went to Kauai. About … Continue reading Trip to Kauai: Days 1-3

Story Time

Hello and happy Monday, beautiful humans! I just got back from taking my history final. I have a presentation tomorrow and then I am DONE with my senior year of college. *cue deer in the headlights look* But that's not what I want to talk about today. Today I want to talk about Saturday, when … Continue reading Story Time