Sunday Recap: Marathon Training Week 3

Another week of marathon training is done and I am pretty happy with how it went.

Monday: 4 easy miles in the Arboretum on campus. I broke out my new Brooks running shoes for this run and am impressed once again. Also, I always seem to end up with pink running shoes.


Tuesday: Back and bis workout in the morning and I was even brave enough to snap a quick selfie.


Then in the afternoon I ran 3 miles in on again, off again rain.


Wednesday: My first-ever track workout (which I wrote about on Wednesday, if you want something more in-depth.) Due to the pouring rain, I have no picture.

Thursday: Leg workout! This week, I actually got to use a squat rack instead of a Smith machine so I definitely felt this workout on Friday.


Friday: Chest and shoulders workout in the morning with Matt. Not going to lie, I was really sore from Thursday and just wanted to stay in bed. But I did it anyway.

The weather was too nice to pass up another easy run, so that’s what I did. In shorts and everything.


Saturday: Today was one of the weeks of training where the mileage lowered (what are those weeks called? I don’t know.) So, I started off the day with 5 miles. It was the first moderately nice Saturday morning in a long time, so I saw quite a few other runners outside and it made me happy knowing other people enjoy starting their weekends that way too.

I also took my first mid-run selfie:


Sunday: Rest day. Slept in, wrote a bit, did laundry, went grocery shopping, made a bomb chicken salad for dinner. I think Matt and I are going to watch Patriots Day tonight and then head to bed early. Well, early for college students.


Obi enjoyed the sunshine warming him for his naps this week. He’s been more vocal than usual but we can’t figure out what he’s trying to tell us. He just walks into the office and meows at us for no apparent reason.

Anyway, that’s a wrap on Week 3 of marathon training.

Until next time, beautiful humans.


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