Sunday Recap: Week 2

Two weeks down, sixteen to go!

Monday: 3 easy miles after class. It was so warm I almost considered shorts but decided the wind would make me regret that decision. But the sun was out the whole time, which felt amazing.


Tuesday: Leg workout from MBB Home Week 2. Downside of the big gym is there isn’t always a mirror available for a selfie, so my post-workout selfie is in my bathroom.


And Minnie decided to be a model:


Wednesday: It snowed. It was cold. It felt hard to run the middle mile at a fast pace. I was glad to get it done.


Thursday: Two of my three classes were cancelled, so I got a lot of work done. After I was done at school, I knocked out the Push workout from Week 2 of MBB Home and decided to do the Core workout as well. I definitely left the gym in a much better mood than I arrived.


Friday: Slept in. Went to school for a quiz, got all of Tuesday’s reading done, worked for about an hour, and then went for an easy 3 miles.


Saturday: I love my Saturday morning routine, which I already talked about on Instagram. One thing I’ve noticed in the last few weeks is that the sunrises are starting to feel more and more like spring sunrises, instead of winter sunrises. Instead of being cold and bright, they’re gentle, painting the clouds overhead in subtle strokes.

7 miles followed by two enormous cups of coffee.


Matt and I also had our belated Valentine’s Day date. We went to see Black Panther, which was amazing, and then out for Italian. I had shrimp maria (shrimp, artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper over pasta) and it was amazing.

Sunday: I got my homework done this morning, went over to my parents’ for breakfast, and have no plans for anything other than relaxing and cuddling the cats.

Overall, this week was kind of a meh week for me. My motivation at school isn’t where it has been the last month or so, which is fine. I expected it. But knowing that it’s normal doesn’t make it go away, so I’m just trying to let my mind rest so I can attack the next few weeks before spring break like I want to. And hopefully marathon training will get swept up in that motivation.

Hope you all had a good week and are enjoying an extra day off,


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