Sunday Recap: Week 3

Hello, beautiful humans. I hope your weekend has been relaxing. Here’s how Week 3 of training went for me.

Monday: I took advantage of having the day off by sleeping in before heading for my four mile easy run. Finished with a big smile.


Tuesday: Busy, busy day but I got in a leg workout after class (before returning to the homework march.)


Wednesday: Speed day! I honestly dreaded this run all day. I just wanted to eat my snack and procrastinate in peace. But of course I went out and I did it. 1 mile w/u, followed by 1 mile of 1 minute hard effort, 1 minute easy, and then 1 mile c/d. Nothing long or hard yet but I have to start somewhere.


Thursday: 5:30 alarm to knock out the push workout from My Best Body Home. This was also the day I think my eye got infected because it was in pain and swollen most of the day. Not fun.


A snowstorm also hit Boise pretty hard so going anywhere took twice as long as normal.

Friday: My eye was red and swollen but because I am the captain of Team Stubborn, I started the morning with an ab workout. (My glasses are on the floor out of view).


I had a midterm at 1:30 so I got home later than usual. When I did, I discovered the door to the laundry ‘room’ had been opened. I thought the cats were going after their food but turns out, one of them just wanted a new place to sleep…


And then I went for my run. I put in one contact and it worked fine. Not ideal but, like I said, I am the captain of Team Stubborn.


And after I came back, I saw a rare sight indeed. The cats were practically touching, enjoying a patch of sunshine together:

Saturday: I got up early and went to get my eye looked at. I got some antibiotic drops for it and then went for my run, which was a hilarious disaster from beginning to end. First, I somehow managed to run during the worst of the snow storm. Second, the wind blew snow directly into my eyes the whole time, no matter which way I was facing, so the fact that I had only one contact didn’t even matter. And then my watch died 3 miles in. I turned down the wrong street and ended up zigzagging through the neighborhood. I was supposed to do 5 miles so hopefully I managed that.


We ran some errands (I got new running shoes) before going to game night at a friend’s house. And then passed out at midnight.

Sunday: Homework and laundry. But we went to the apartment gym and I knocked out Week 3’s pull workout. Feeling good right now but I’m about to start outlining my next brief and that feeling will go away.


And because I hate to end on a sort of stressed note, here’s Minnie, being the most adorable kitten in the whole wide world:


Here’s to another good week coming up.

Until next time,


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