Sunday Recap

Hello, beautiful humans. I hope you had a good week. I know I did. It was an unexpectedly easy week at law school which was just what we needed. Sadly, I don’t think that will happen again this week.

Monday: Rest. No running. No weights. Just a midterm and working all out to finish another assignment by 5:00 p.m. The cats were very cute:


The rarest of sightings: within arm’s length of each other.

Tuesday: I started the MBB Home Workout guide (MBB=My Best Body.) It felt good to have a structured weights workout again.


Wednesday: Another easy day, just a core workout and a mile of walking on the treadmill while I listened to a podcast.


Thursday: Leg day! One thing I particularly like about MBB is that it has built in warm ups which is good because I’m not great at warming up. It’s 5:45 a.m., I just want to get going so I can get to my coffee.


Minnie kept me company while I worked on homework:


Friday: Pull workout from MBB but a crowded gym meant this was the only picture I got:


Which obviously has nothing to do with an upper body workout but oh well. You take what you can get.

Saturday: This was the first time I’ve slept in on a Saturday since March. And damn did it feel good. I did wake up in a panic that I had overslept but obviously I hadn’t. Matt and I went grocery shopping, got the cats a new toy (since they’ve killed all their other ones) and then my mom and I went to Target. After I got home, I went for my first run since the half marathon.


It was the perfect run. I went with no other goal than to enjoy it. The weather was perfect: warm enough with the sun but cool with the chilly breeze. I listened to an episode of the Ali on the Run Show (the one with Kara Goucher!) and didn’t look at my watch once. I ended up doing a little over 4 miles and it felt great.

My parents came over for dinner, wine, and Catan. Matt and I made this delicious recipe we got from one of our Hello Fresh boxes called ‘one-pot orzo Italianno’ which is the best cold weather comfort food. I also tried a new dessert which didn’t turn out quite like I hoped but was good nevertheless.

Matt and I then stayed up late plotting our adventures for this summer. More on that later but we are both very excited.

Sunday: I am going to school to work on homework and study for the quiz and midterm I have this week. Yes, kids, I’m going to school on a Sunday. Just remember that no matter how awful high school is, you don’t have to go on Sundays.

I’m still planning on taking it easy with running this week, in part because school is going to be insanely busy the next few weeks (we have our big memo paper due before Thanksgiving break) but also because I’m a little burnt out from training. Remember how I haven’t slept in on a Saturday since March? Yeah, I need a break. Which is perfectly okay. I’ll probably do a blog post about it in a few weeks.

Until the next time,


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