Sunday Recap

Wow, has it been a week. No week in law school has been easy but this week was particularly hard. I’m so glad that after this week we have the whole week off for Thanksgiving. I am in need of some slow mornings and peaceful runs.

Monday: I started Week 2 of the MBBHome workout program. Two days of sleeping in left me feeling pretty good for 5:30 a.m.


We had a quiz in Civil Procedure, so in between classes I studied for that and then after the quiz, we had an assignment due in Legal Writing. We had to turn it in via email and I thought I sent it at about 3:00 p.m. I’ll come back to that.

Tuesday: 3 miles on the treadmill with a podcast and then the core workout from MBBHome. Holy moly were my abs on fire. No picture because the gym was really crowded.

In addition to all the usual homework, I had to study for the Torts midterm. At around 8:00 I got an email from my legal writing professor. She hadn’t received my assignment and wanted to know if everything was okay. Turns out, it went into my Drafts folder instead of sending and I have no clue how. I couldn’t put something in my Drafts folder if I tried. So I felt like a crap student, which on top of everything else, made for a nice little meltdown.

Wednesday: Started my morning off with a leg workout. No picture because the gym was crowded again. But my hair decided to look really good, so I took a selfie of that:


I was supposed to study with my dad Wednesday night (he’s an attorney so I don’t feel at all guilty for subjecting him to my outlines) but he forgot. Long story short, he had to go out of town and when I found out, I had another meltdown. I knew it didn’t make that much of a difference but it was a hard week and I was counting on some extra help. But it all turned out okay: my mom helped me study and fed me yummy oatmeal cookies.

Thursday: No workout in the morning. We had Contracts in the morning. I feel a little bad about how distracted everyone was but that’s how it goes. Sometimes, one professor’s class isn’t as important as another. I think the Torts midterm went pretty well but it probably could have gone better. We’ll get our scores back this week.

After class, I went for a run. No pace goal. No workout. Just me, a podcast, and some much needed peace.


There’s nothing like a run for a stressed out mind. I’m looking forward to this week’s runs for that exact reason. There is a time for running towards a goal like a marathon or a PR. There is a time for pushing and giving it your all. But then there are times when you have to let the run give something back. And that was this run.

Friday: No class should have meant sleeping in but Matt guilted me into going to the gym with him at 6:00. So I knocked out Week 2’s pull workout. Surprise surprise, no picture because the gym was crowded.

After breakfast, I started working on the big paper that’s due this Friday. Minnie kept me company:


Then, after I lost myself down a Youtube rabbit hole I packed up and went to school to get some more work done. I was very happy with my cozy outfit:


Matt and I went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse because my mom found an old gift card they weren’t going to use. I had salmon, which was divine, but the rolls were the best part. Then I went to bed and had terrible dreams about finals.

Saturday: I got up at 7:30 to run over to my parents’ house for breakfast. I ran a slightly longer route than I necessarily had to because I wanted to run one of my favorite streets. I used to run it almost every day back in high school. I can’t believe how far I’ve come since then. I remember thinking I’d never run a marathon because 5 miles was an unfathomable distance, let alone 26.2. Those neighborhood runs kept me sane and healthy in high school. They built me as a runner before I even knew that’s what I wanted to be.


My dad made me an egg sandwich with bacon, my mom had breakfast cookies, and then we sat drinking coffee and talking. I’m so glad I live in running distance to them now because I missed them like crazy when I was away at school.

Matt and I were feeling lazy so we went out to dinner again. We went to a diner-style restaurant and I got chicken strips because I am a child. But no regrets: they were delicious.

Sunday: Paper-writing. Grocery shopping. Laundry. Reading for Property and Civil Procedure. Now some meal prepping for healthy lunches this week.

One of these days, I’ll manage more than one post a week but for now, this is all I have.

Until next time, beautiful humans,



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