6 Miles

Hello, beautiful humans.

Since January, my routine has been two 4 mile runs during the week and a 6 mile run on Saturday. My first long run of marathon training was 6 miles so, naturally, I was pretty confident going out this morning.


It took less than a mile for multiple things to go wrong. First, the Greenbelt (the paved path that runs along the Boise River) was flooded within the first half mile. So my mom and I ran a total of 0.6 miles and then drove half a mile around the flooded section to run the last 5.4 miles.

Here’s a short rundown of thoughts I had during this run:

“I wish I hadn’t had the second cup of coffee.

“I wish I hadn’t eaten so much.”

“I’m so thirsty.”

“I’ve only run 2 miles?! Are you kidding me?”

“Why does it feel like my arm has a stitch in its side?”

“I hate kids on bikes who pass me and then slow down.”

“I’m dying. I can’t run a marathon. I can’t even run 6 miles without dying.”

“Thank God that’s over.”


Obviously, as soon as I stopped and the stitch in my side (and my right shoulder) faded, I realized that I can do this. One bad run does not a bad runner make. But it still took a lot of willpower to get through that run.

I’m sure anyone who’s walked (or run) the path to a marathon before knows that willpower is the muscle most in need of strengthening. Objectively, I know that. It’s one thing to know it and another to be forced to strengthen that muscle.

Getting stronger hurts. It isn’t easy. Maybe you know that already but maybe you don’t. Or maybe you do, and it scares you. That’s okay. Be scared. But do it anyway.

Looking forward to the next great run,



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