Sunday Recap

Hello, beautiful humans.

Every Sunday during my marathon training, I’m going to give you a run-down of my week, including what workouts I did and other randomness, I’m sure.

So, here we go: Week 1 of training for San Francisco is done.

Monday: 3 miles. I went out at around 8:00 (but with spring forward it was more like 7:00) and was surprised at how cold my hands got. This was very distracting for the whole run and made 3 miles feel much, much longer. Then we went to see Sue the T-Rex at the Discovery Center, which was very cool.


Tuesday: 3 miles. This run was much warmer and I was very proud of my negative split. I don’t have a GPS watch so I started using the Nike app a month ago when I upgraded my phone and I’m a big fan so far.


I then took Bella for a hike in the Foothills. The amount of water in the creeks and rivers in Idaho right now is insane! After dinner, I went with my dad to the gym and did a back and bis workout.


Wednesday: 3 miles. I took Bella on this run, so I wasn’t concerned about my time at all. Then I hung out with Matt and his dogs.


Thursday: Up bright and early to do a leg workout before getting my haircut for the first time since Thanksgiving. I then met up with a friend for lunch (who I also have not seen since Thanksgiving.) Obi isn’t allowed outside so he was very excited when I opened a window for him.


Friday: Chest and shoulders workout followed by an ab circuit that I am still sore from (and it’s Sunday.) I then lounged around for the rest of the morning, which was amazing.


Saturday: 6 mile long run. My mom referred to this run as “a comedy of errors” and I can’t disagree with her. But I got it done.


Sunday: Rest day. Matt and I drove back to school for our last eight weeks of undergrad. I’m torn between two thoughts: How are we going to get through another eight weeks? How on earth do we only have eight weeks until graduation?

That’s it for week 1. Until next time,


What was your best college memory?

Did you get senioritis worse in high school or in college?


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