Sunday Recap: Week 10

Oh boy, what a week this was. But I'm here, drinking coffee and listening to music with my cats on a nice Sunday morning. Monday: 3 easy miles at 9:58/mile pace. And more than a little anxiety about oral arguments. Tuesday: Up at 5:00 am. I did the Arms and Core Challenge from MBB Home … Continue reading Sunday Recap: Week 10


Sunday Recap: Week 9

Hello, beautiful humans. It's been quite a week. If you've seen my Instagram, you already know that this was a rough week for me. It is probably the hardest week I've had since starting law school. We turned in our appellate briefs Monday and then it felt like the whole class was collectively hungover for … Continue reading Sunday Recap: Week 9

The Plan

Hello beautiful humans and happy Valentine's Day! Or, as my mom calls it, happy Love-of-Chocolate Day! I have already had one Reese's heart and I might have another because I am nothing if not a lover of chocolate, especially if it's filled with peanut butter. Today, I thought I'd give you a quick explanation of … Continue reading The Plan