Last year, the end of 2017, I felt a heavy weight thinking about the upcoming year. 2017 was a huge year for me personally and 2018 looked so dull in comparison. It was going to be a year of grinding work, knowing that the goals I set out to accomplish wouldn't be achieved in the … Continue reading 2018

Onward Shay Half Marathon Recap (2018)

Hello beautiful humans. Last week I ran the Onward Shay Half Marathon for the second year in a row. Here's how it went. Temperature: Overcast, in the low 50s, a bit a chilly breeze in the last few miles. So, in other words, absolutely perfect. Course:¬†They changed the course up from last year so that … Continue reading Onward Shay Half Marathon Recap (2018)

What’s next

Before I ran San Francisco, I had heard about something called the "post-marathon blues." Basically, you spend all this time training and running and stretching and foam rolling and not eating brownies so you can run on this one day. When it's over, you suddenly don't know what to do. There is so much time. … Continue reading What’s next