Onward Shay Half Marathon Recap (2018)

Hello beautiful humans. Last week I ran the Onward Shay Half Marathon for the second year in a row. Here’s how it went.

Temperature: Overcast, in the low 50s, a bit a chilly breeze in the last few miles. So, in other words, absolutely perfect.

Course: They changed the course up from last year so that the entire race was run on the Greenbelt (the path that follows the Boise River for 20+ miles). We did one initial loop of 5 miles, ran back over the same bridge, and turned left. I saw one of my good friends from law school, Alyson, at around mile 7 with her husband. They made me signs and cheered me on. I then saw them against at mile 11. It meant so much that they came to cheer me on.

Fuel: I ate a lemonade flavored Huma gel before the start. Then around mile 5 I had a caramel macchiato Gu. I had another Gu but my stomach started acting up around mile 8 and I didn’t want to push it. It was the right decision because my stomach never really got better (and ended up slowing me down quite a bit in the last mile).

Entertainment: I started the race listening to I’ll Have Another Podcast with Lindsey Hein (the episode with Emily Infeld). Then I ran the last 45ish minutes listening to music. It was a nice way to split the distance up.

How I felt: I felt pretty darn good and that’s why I negative split the race. I ran to feel strong, not to kill myself over the pace. It worked out well, because I could push but when my stomach was acting up, I could still hold the pace. The last mile, I was passing quite a few people and once I turned off the Greenbelt, Matt and Malakai sprinted with me. And then I kept sprinting, and passed one last guy like he was standing still to finish. (Okay, so maybe it wasn’t quite THAT fast but this is my story).


Finish time: 1:56:24

Average pace: 8:53

Overall: 118/510

Female: 50/344

Age group: 6/17


Now I’m taking some time off of running and enjoying staying up a little later, and sleeping a little more. But I’m really happy with how this race went. My mom was there at the end to cheer me, it was Malakai’s first race, and we celebrated with donuts.

Here’s to running this pace for double the distance to break 4 hours in the marathon in 2019.

Yep, I said it.

Until next time,


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