Life Update

Like I said on my mom’s guest post, it’s been a while. (If you didn’t read her post, you totally should!) But here’s what I’ve been up to with my life since we last talked.


Yes, I’ve been running. I’m training for a half marathon at the end of October. Originally I went in with the goal of PR-ing but lately I’ve been getting signals from my body that it’s not interested in pushing that hard. Which is fair, considering that I PR-ed the marathon by ten minutes in June. So right now the plan is to just go out there, run a little faster than normal, but not feel like my legs are going to fall off. I’d like to go under 2 hours, just because I know I can and that’s still seven minutes away from my PR.

But aside from the goals of running, I’ve had some really beautiful runs lately. The weather turned and autumn arrived in all its quiet, breathtaking glory.


Warm enough in the afternoons to run in a tank top, cold enough in the mornings to need a long-sleeve. This is my favorite type of running weather.


Law School

The real reason I’ve been neglecting the blog. I’m taking five classes: Constitutional Law II, Business Associations, Criminal Procedure Investigations, Education Law, and Intro to Intellectual Property. This basically boils down to a lot of reading (so much that it’s impossible to be really well prepared for any one class without being completely unprepared in another). I also have four classes back to back on Tuesday/Thursday which saps my mental strength pretty badly. Basically, this is a long winded way of saying most of my time is spent hunched over reading or squinting at my computer screen.


The Three Fluffs

(This is a reference to my pets’ Instagram @ataleofthreefluffs). So, let’s start with the king. Obi is doing well. He has the shortest fur of the three, so he’s become cuddlier as the temperatures have dropped. Every morning now I wake up to him either between us or curled up over someone’s feet.


Minnie is getting more used to Malakai and will occasionally come into the same room as him. Progress, even if it’s at a glacial pace. She has also become more cuddly with the temperature change. But the main thing that’s new with her is she is getting her butt shaved. This was spurred by a recent episode wherein she had diarrhea, got it stuck in her fur, and then laid on our bed. She got a bath, then a couple nights later we shaved her butt. And we’ll be doing it again soon. But she’s adorable and still purrs loud enough to power a small city.


And finally, Malakai. He’s four months old now, weighs 26 pounds, and no longer looks like a puppy. He still is a puppy but he looks like a miniature dog now.


He’s about 3 months old in this picture but it’s one of the best pictures I’ve taken of him and I wanted to share it.

He knows sit, down, stay, shake, leave it (sort of) and we are currently working on ‘place.’ He went for his first hike this week to enjoy the cooler weather and fall colors. He did such a good job.


So there you have it. All caught up. I’m hoping to post more regularly, though I don’t know what about. We’ll see. Next weekend we’re taking Malakai up to hike in the mountains, so I’ll take too many pictures of that to share. And then who knows?

It’s nice to talk with you beautiful humans again. Until next time.




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