Introducing Malakai

Matt and I added to our fur family again. This is Malakai.


He is a Siberian husky. Currently, he is 8 weeks old and roughly the same size as our cats. Well, to be honest, he’s a little smaller than Minnie the Monstrous (who clocked in at 15 pounds at the vet.)

Baby pictures:

Left: 4 weeks old | Right: 5 weeks old

He is an agouti husky, which means that he’s going to have very wolf-like markings. The woman we got him from explained that his undercoat is coming in first, which is why he is so much lighter now than he was when he was born. But in a couple of months, his topcoat will come in and he will darken up quite a bit.


We drove to Washington last weekend to pick him up. And it was probably one of the best days of my life.

In the car coming home:


So, yes, obviously adorable. But also a menace. He’s not interested in playing. He wants to roam and explore and pee on stuff. Which is great but makes it really hard to tire him out so he naps.  And it means there is probably going to be a lot less lounging around for Matt and I, at least for a bit.

And there will be lots of cleaning up poop and pee until he’s housetrained. I keep reminding myself he’s a baby, and this is the biggest change that’s ever going to happen to him. And it’s hard. But then he runs at me, big ears flopping and I love him. So there’s that.

More pictures coming soon.


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