Sunday Recap: Week 17

How am I about to start the last week of training? How is it that next weekend I’ll be running a marathon? The time disappeared. I remember, on my very first run of this training cycle (3 miles) I wondered how I would ever manage 26.2. Now, I’m confident I will.

Monday: Memorial Day meant sleeping in. We got a storm Sunday night so everything was cool, clean, and green. I drank my coffee out on our porch and enjoyed the birds.


Then I did MBB Home Week 4 Core and four easy miles. It was a little humid but I enjoyed it anyway.


Tuesday: The morning after a long weekend is always harder than I expect but I popped up and got MBB Home Week 5 Legs done at 5:40. Sometimes, working out before my mind is fully awake tricks it into working harder.


Wednesday: 1 mile w/u and then 5 miles aiming for 9:20-9:30 pace. Ended with 9:21/mile.


Thursday: MBB Home Week 5 Push. Now that we have a home gym set up, Obi and Minnie like to join me. Obi watches from his new favorite couch and Minnie from under the coffee table.


Friday: 3 easy miles. It was surprisingly cold when I headed out at 6:00 am.


Saturday: Up early to knock out my last long run. 8 miles, ended up averaging 9:39/mile. I wasn’t trying to anything and honestly, I was pretty zoned out for most of the run listening to my podcast. Glad my legs could manage that without me pushing at all.


I showered, had breakfast, and it was only 8:30. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Matt was still asleep so I wrote and worked on some stuff on my computer.

For my birthday, Matt got me a gift certificate for a Swedish massage and I used it yesterday. It was heavenly. Just have to work hard and one day I’ll be able to afford them more than once in a blue moon. Matt and I also went out to dinner. Fries and a milkshake were devoured. It was wonderful.

Sunday: Gonna be honest, not a rest day. Yes, there’s the usual grocery shopping and laundry-doing but I’m gonna do at least MBB Home Week 5 Pull, maybe Core too, and probably go to the pool with my family.

Six days to go, beautiful humans. Thanks for hanging out with me for another training cycle.

Minnie says hi.



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