Sunday Recap: Week 16

Monday: Five miles easy at 10:19/mile pace.


Tuesday: MBB Home Week 4 Leg workout in the morning, using our home gym. It hurt so good.


We also did yard work in the evening. It’s funny. When I was a kid, weeding was one of my most hated chores but now, it’s not that bad. It’s satisfying to clean up the flower beds at ‘my’ house (we’re renting.)


Wednesday: MBB Home Week 4 Push and Pull. I normally do my speed work on Wednesdays but I had to be at work early to go to a trial so I opted for the shorter workout that wouldn’t destroy my hair.


Thursday: 8 mile tempo and I managed to get a 9:16/mile pace. After so many meh runs, it felt good to have a tempo run where I felt strong and prepared to run this marathon.


Friday: Four easy miles under a stormy sky.


I listened to the episode of Ali on the Run Show with Sarah Clancy, the woman who runs Sarah Marie Design Studios and loved it. Having just moved, and just started working regularly, I don’t have a ton of money to spare but once I do, I’m definitely gonna buy one of her shirts. I settled for the 26.2 nail wraps for my marathon. I love her store. And her interview with Ali was great!


Saturday: Up early for 12 miles. For whatever reason, 12 miles is a hard distance for me to wrap my head around. I stopped more than I needed to but I got it done. 10:05/mile pace.


Then Matt and I cleaned the house, finished hanging our decorations, bought a new couch, I napped, Matt finished changing out outlets and switches, and we had friends over for game night.

Sunday: Matt and I are going for a hike to enjoy the sunshine. Boise has been getting storms regularly in the evenings so the chance for some sunshine is great. Then we’re going over to have a barbecue with my parents and neighbors (who are essentially family). Enjoy the long weekend. Obi thinks you should all find time to relax.


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