Sunday Recap: Week 14 and Week 15

Hi beautiful humans! I missed writing this recap last weekend but life was way too insane. We moved out of our apartment last weekend and into a house we are renting from Matt’s parents, so I didn’t have Internet or the energy to do a recap. But now I’m back!

Week 14

Monday: 5 miles at an easy pace. I spent the rest of the day studying and packing.


Tuesday: 9 morning miles where I paid for undereating on Monday. They were rough but they got done. Then in the afternoon I took my Civil Procedure final.


Wednesday: I took a rest day. With that the moving and packing, I decided to take the week off from strength training. So I packed, took a load of stuff to the house, and studied for Criminal Law.

Thursday: Up bright and early for my long run, which I moved because of the move. It was a cutback week but I couldn’t resist. I decided to see what pace I could hold for fourteen miles. I ended up with an average of 9:15/mile. And let me tell you, in the middle of a streak of runs more bad than good, the day before my scariest final, this was a huge personal victory.


Friday: I took my Criminal Law final and when I turned it in, I was finished with with my first year of law school. (!!!) A group of us went out to lunch, then I went home to pack and take a load of stuff over, and then I went out with some friends and was home by midnight.

Saturday and Sunday: Moved into the house. Started unpacking. Brought the cats over on Sunday (they stayed with my parents while the bulk of the moving happened so we didn’t have to worry about them.) Had dinner at my parents on Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Week 15

Monday: Peak week started with five hot miles after work.


Tuesday: MBB Home Week 3 Push day in the morning before work. We will have a home gym but it’s in the room that’s become the catch-all for stuff we don’t have a place for, so it’s not quite selfie-ready. I tried anyway:


Wednesday: 10 miles in the morning (I went into work at 9:00 to allow for the time to get ready afterwards). Not too bad. I managed 9:24/mile.


Thursday: I volunteered for my old English teacher’s class to do a two day writing workshop. After I got home, I did 5 miles from the new house and found a solid route in the next neighborhood over. Easy pace of 10:03.


Friday: I did a double workout: MBB Home Week 3 Core and Week 3 Pull with the new gym. It was glorious to do it all in my living room/home gym.


Saturday: 20 miles at 9:57 pace. All I can say for this run is HELL YES. Last year, I could not stand up right after finishing this run. In my post-run shower, I kept sitting down in the tub and after I got out, had my legs up the wall for a good ten minutes before I could get food. This year, I forgot half of my fuel and didn’t notice til I had gotten to the park. But I did it. And it felt much easier than it did last time. Here’s to getting stronger.


I do think that a big part of this run feeling easier than a lot of my runs lately is that I had nothing else to worry about. No reading or studying to do when I got home. No time crunch to make sure I could get everything done. My only obligation for the day was to run and go see Deadpool 2 (highly recommend.) Besides all that, I had a lot more mental strength available because I wasn’t using most of it to deal with the stress of law school.

Also, shout out to my mom who ran a half marathon and got a new PR!

Sunday: Rest day. And boy do I need it. My arms are still sore from Friday, and my legs are heavy and tired from yesterday. But I am going to go to Target, do laundry, and go grocery shopping. And of course cuddle the cats.

Until next time,



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