Sunday Recap: Week 13

Oh boy, was this a busy week. And weekend. Here’s what my training looked like:

Monday: 4 easy miles in the morning. After that, I tried to study but couldn’t and then headed to my Contracts exam, which started at 1:00. It was brutal.


Tuesday: I didn’t have an exam, so I slept in a bit, studied, and then went to the gym around 11:00. I did MBB Home Week 2 legs. And ouch. Then I went home, studied some more, and took a load of stuff over to the new house.


Wednesday: I started off my birthday with a tempo run. One mile warm up, 8 miles aiming for either 9:20-9:30 pace or good effort up the big hill. I’d say it was a success. 9 miles with an average pace of 9:18/mile.


I got myself an acai bowl as a birthday treat, and laid out by the pool reading for a couple hours. The rest of the day was spent studying for Constitutional Law.

Thursday: Up early thanks to Obi’s antics. Coffee, breakfast, and then off to school for the Con Law final. Morning finals start at 8:00 but they ask you to be there half an hour early and I got there even earlier because I really wanted to get my spot. After the test, I went to the apartment gym and did MBB Home Week 2 pull. It was fabulous.


We had dinner at my parents’ to celebrate my birthday. My mom cooked and I swear, I will never be too old to enjoy my mom’s cooking.

Friday: Slept in. Started studying for Criminal Law. Then took a break to do MBB Home Week 2 core. Ouch.


Then more studying, plus some packing, and then five miles easy.


After that, I took almost all my books, plus one bookshelf, over to the new house. Damn, books are heavy and, being an ultra-book nerd, I had a lot of them. I then swung by school to grab my textbooks. Matt and I had dinner at Olive Garden so I could practice carb loading. And I went to bed early.

Saturday: Up at 5:30, out of the house by 6:30 for 18 miles. Mostly, these miles were fine. Not particularly good, not unusually bad. But by mile 12, they started to hurt. I talked about this more in my Instagram post, so if you’re curious about my thoughts, check that out (@the_running_diaries).


I packed, napped, and studied but did none of them for as long as I probably should. Oh well. Running 18 miles is a pretty big accomplishment for one day.

Sunday: Rest day that’s not really a rest day because we’re moving some of the big furniture. And packing. And I really need to study. Like I said, this is a busy weekend after a busy week. But in 5 days, I will be done with finals. In one week, we will be moved into the new house.

Thanks for hanging around with me. Here’s Obi, looking like a model.


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