Sunday Recap: Week 12

Happy Sunday, beautiful humans. I hope your morning (or afternoon) is going well. I’m writing this with a cat on my lap and a cup of coffee, so I’m pretty content.

Monday: 4 easy miles. Not gonna lie, I don’t really remember what else happened on Monday since during finals, I lose the ability to remember anything that happened more than 3-4 hours ago.


Tuesday: Week 1 of MBB Home Legs.  Since I’m so deep into marathon training now, I’m not pushing my legs as hard on strength training days. But I have no intention of neglecting them either.


Wednesday: 8 miles, with 7 at attempted marathon pace. That quickly changed because it was very hot and I didn’t think to bring water with me. Won’t make that mistake again.


The cats then did their best to distract me from studying with their cuteness and were 100% successful.

Thursday: Last day of class for my first year of law school. It felt surreal. And also like I desperately wanted to just be done and hang out at the pool but instead have to study for four finals. I did get to enjoy Week 1 Push without feeling rushed and that was nice.


Friday: Week 1 Core, again without rushing since I didn’t have class. Followed by studying.


Then a study break, which involved taking Bella for 5 easy miles along the river. She had absolutely no interest in getting a good post-run selfie.


Saturday: Started off with 12 miles that were a mental struggle. I just did not want to be out there running for two hours. I’m chalking it up to stress about my first final on Monday and hoping next weekend’s long run is better.


I then spent the rest of the day studying, panicking about knowing nothing, and going to my friend’s baby shower. Her little boy is due at the end of May.

Sunday: Study, study, study. Also, grocery shopping and laundry. But mostly studying. And then going to see Infinity War tonight as a break.

Here’s to two weeks of finals and then, at the end of it, three months of semi-freedom.

Until next time,


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