Sunday Recap: Week 10

Oh boy, what a week this was. But I’m here, drinking coffee and listening to music with my cats on a nice Sunday morning.

Monday: 3 easy miles at 9:58/mile pace. And more than a little anxiety about oral arguments.


Tuesday: Up at 5:00 am. I did the Arms and Core Challenge from MBB Home Week 10. I don’t know if it actually helped with my nerves but I was glad I did it.


So, oral argument. After we write our appellate brief, we have mock appellate arguments. This isn’t for a grade (professionalism/participation) and is mostly to give us a taste of standing up and arguing. You know, something most lawyers have to do fairly regularly. My partner and I were the very first pair to go. As I represented the fictional appellant, I went first. After the first two nerve-wracking minutes, it was fun. I loved it. And it confirmed that I made the right choice. And then, when it was done, I felt a huge sense of relief.


PS- We had our argument in the real Idaho Supreme Court, which was amazing. I was too nervous to eat so when we finished at 2:30, I decided to treat myself to an acai bowl for lunch. It was fabulous.


Wednesday: Due to oral arguments, we only had Contracts. And all morning, people came up to me to say I’d done a good job or they heard I did well. I really enjoyed it and I was so wonderfully relaxed now that it was behind me.

After I finished my homework, I headed out for a speed workout. 1 mile w/u, followed by a ladder of hard effort for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute (with 2 minute recovery periods) and then 1 mile c/d. Total of 7 miles at 9:17/mile.


Obi was very cute and sleepy that night:


Thursday: Up again at 5:00 am to get Week 10 Legs done. Definitely needed coffee before I thought about smiling:


Friday: Matt and I went to the apartment gym together. I did Week 10 Core and all I can say is, ouch.


Then class, before meeting my friend Kaysi for lunch downtown. We had bagels. They were delicious. Then I went and acted timekeeper/bailiff for two of my classmates’ oral argument. Then I watched another oral argument before heading home to go for a 4 mile run. I let my body run at whatever pace felt good, so I ended up with 9:48/mile (which ironically was my pace for my marathon).


Friday: Up early to feed the cats, eat half a bagel, and chill while it digested. Then I set off for 15 miles. The middle miles were hard. But the last four I felt like I was flying. I’ll take it. Compared to the last time I did this particular long run in my last training cycle, this was leaps and bounds better.


I did some homework before taking a nap. When I woke up, I had every intention of doing more homework but I didn’t. Oh well. The cats were cute:

Sunday: Rest day because my body is tired and sore. I slept in until 9:00 and am now starting my second cup of coffee. I also need to be very productive since yesterday was a flop for my schoolwork. Oh well. It happens. I hope you all have a lovely day.

Until next time, beautiful humans,


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