Sunday Recap: Week 9

Hello, beautiful humans. It’s been quite a week. If you’ve seen my Instagram, you already know that this was a rough week for me. It is probably the hardest week I’ve had since starting law school. We turned in our appellate briefs Monday and then it felt like the whole class was collectively hungover for the rest of the week. Getting anything done required so much mental strength that it was exhausting. That then translated into physical exhaustion, which made this a less-than-stellar training week.

Monday: 3 easy miles. Not very warm. But so glad to be done with my brief and to have the whole evening to relax.


Tuesday: Woke up with my body physically exhausted. Sitting in class and paying attention was almost too much. When I got home, after I did the bare minimum, I read for fun for the rest of the night. But I started the morning off with a lackluster leg workout from MBB Home.


Wednesday: Still felt 100% exhausted and hated that I had to be at school. This was also the day when we got the instructions for oral argument (that happens this week) so the stress of the appellate brief was replaced by the stress of public speaking.

After I got home, I told myself I could take this run easy but I ended up making it a tempo run. I also managed to keep my pace under 10:00 minute/mile going up the big hill, so that was great.


Thursday: I woke up feeling much better and knocked out MBB Home Week 9 Push. And felt really strong.


Friday: Started the morning with MBB Home Week 9 Core. Ouch. It was a good one.


Long day of oral argument practice, class, attending a symposium for extra credit, and then work. And then four easy miles in the sunshine.


Matt and I went to see A Quiet Place. I hate horror movies and this one was downright terrifying but it was so good. Matt, who appreciates horror movie, said it was very, very well done for a horror movie. So I don’t know if I’d recommend it because it is scary but it is also so, so good.

Saturday: When my alarm went off, I thought I had to go to school. Nope, just for a run. But my legs never woke up. And my lungs never caught up. And then the drizzle of rain turned to a downpour, accompanied by howling wind. And I was just done. I had no mental strength left to force myself to stay out in that weather or to keep running. So I ended it early.


Could I have stuck it out? Maybe, if this was the end of a different week. Maybe, if I hadn’t started out in shorts (it was 50 degrees when I left). Maybe if I hadn’t been so physically exhausted all week. Maybe, maybe, maybe. I won’t say I failed at this run but I won’t call it a success. I did get up even though I was tired. So there’s that.

Sunday: Homework. Laundry. Grocery shopping. Going to Target with my mom. Practicing my intro for my oral argument. Hopefully MBB Home Week 9 Pull. I did sleep in (I slept later than Matt, which almost never happens) and I slept through the cats being annoying about breakfast. Needless to say, I feel a lot better. And since my oral argument is on Tuesday, I’m hoping this week will be easier than last.

Thanks for sticking around, beautiful humans. Until next time,


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