Sunday Recap: Week 7

Monday: 3 easy miles at 9:50/mile pace in the sun. This winter hasn’t been nearly as long or as cold as last winter here in Idaho but the boy am I ready for some warmer days.


Tuesday: My Best Body Home Week 8 legs after class.


Wednesday: For my speed workout, I decided to do a tempo run. 1 mile warm up, followed by 4 miles aiming for 9:15-9:30 pace, and then one mile cool down. My tempo miles ended up being: 9:01, 9:20, 8:31, and 8:23. Clearly I have some speed but no consistency. Always something to work on.


Thursday: Early morning My Best Body Home Week 8 push in the apartment gym because I had a lot to get done after class. I had company the whole time (Matt and I call her squat-rack girl because she uses the only squat rack for her workout every single morning). So bathroom selfie to celebrate my not-so-baby bicep:


Friday: Up early to knock out My Best Body Week 8 Core. I think the core workouts of this guide at the hardest. And that’s saying something because none of it is easy.


We had a quiz instead of the class we normally have on Fridays but we had a make-up Criminal Law class. Criminal Law is interesting but also is a textbook filled with examples of the worst kinds of humanity, so it wasn’t exactly the highest note to end the week on. But my four easy miles at 10:14/mile pace were nice.


Saturday: 12 miles. I ran one of the long hills I have in my running-route book twice instead of trying to make a longer out and back route. The second time hurt a lot but the first time felt pretty good. The weather was relatively nice too, except for the cold wind. And when I got home, Matt had cinnamon rolls. Average pace: 10:01/mile.


I then spent most of Saturday working on my appellate brief and am happy to say I finally feel I made a dent in it. I also got regularly-scheduled reading done and watched Netflix at night.

Sunday: As I write this, it is snowing, as if to mock me for enjoying the sun earlier this week. I am going to continue working on my brief, do laundry, and go knock out My Best Body Week 8 Pull later as a study-break. Then we’re going over to my parents’ house for dinner.

Thanks for hanging around with me for another week, beautiful humans.