Sunday Recap: Week 6

Monday: 3 miles easy, no picture. First day of spring break meant I could run in the morning and finish with coffee and oatmeal. Basically my version of the perfect day. I then worked on homework and went to the gym to knock out an arm workout.


Then relaxed. Obi enjoyed the sun:


Tuesday: More relaxing and then more essay writing. I also updated my Criminal Law outline. And then went to the gym to do MBB Home Week 6 legs.


Wednesday: Usually Wednesdays are speed workouts but I decided to take it easy on all my runs this week. I felt I needed to rest my body and my mind, so it was 5 miles easy first thing in the morning.


And then did some more writing. And quit earlier than I should have to watch movies. C’est la vie.

Came home to find the cats almost touching:


Thursday: Knocked out MBB Home Week 6 Push and Pull workout early before going to school to talk through some parts of this paper with people.


Friday: Got up with Matt at 6:00 to go get MBB Home Week 6 Core done. No picture because two ladies guarded the cardio room with the mirrors the whole time. I was not pleased (mostly because they didn’t seem to be actually working out.)

Some homework, followed by lunch with my friend, followed by work, and then I got out for my run. Somehow, in the midst of a cold, windy day, three of these four miles managed to be sunny.


I ended up going to dinner with my dad and my brother since my mom was out of town while Matt stayed home (he’d been sick most of the week.)

Saturday: I thought I’d stretch this 7 mile run to 8 miles but I didn’t. It was cold, a mix of snow and rain, and I was soaking wet at the turn-around point. So I came home. And ended up getting soaked when a truck drove through a big puddle and hit me with water rather than getting into the empty lane (it was a four lane road) to avoid it.


After I showered and got homework done, I met Matt at the house his parents just bought (they closed on the 15th) and helped take down wallpaper. I’m not what you’d call handy but that I managed without too much trouble. This is very exciting because Matt and I will be moving into the house when our lease ends. Which means a yard. And a garage. And no upstairs/downstairs neighbors. So we can blast music. Or have people over as late as we want. And we can get a dog! And put as many holes in the walls as we want! And not move again until I’m done with school! (I hate moving right after finals. I’ve done it four years in a row now.)

Sunday: Rest day. Groceries. Laundry. More time at the house. Homework. Finished the evening by watching Lost in Space. I haven’t decided yet if it was a good bad movie or just a bad movie. It has Joey from Friends in it.

And that’s the end of spring break. 6 weeks of classes and 2 weeks of finals before summer vacation is here and I’m done with my 1L year.

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