Sunday Recap: Week 5

Hello and happy Sunday, beautiful humans. I had quite a stressful week at school (one midterm, a quiz, and we got our trial briefs back) but now I’m on spring break. I hope you’re all not too thrown by the time-change.

Here’s how my week went:

Monday: 3 easy miles after class, plus an extra hour of additional stuff we have to do as first years. I was very glad to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.


While I was meal-prepping my lunches for the week, I snuck in some yoga in cat-hair covered leggings:


Tuesday: A long, long day of classes. Then I knocked out MBB Home Week 5 legs at the gym.


And then I made stir fry for dinner and studied for my Constitutional Law midterm.

Wednesday: I went to school early to get some homework done, because I had a doctor’s appointment at 11:00. Matt insisted I get a physical before I ran another marathon and even I can see why that’s a good idea. I am in very good health.

After class, I did my weekly speed workout. I did 1 mile warm up, followed by 5 x 3 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy, and then hard effort to finish the mile, followed by 1 mile cool down. I ended up with 5 miles at 9:11/minute average pace.


And then I studied some more.

Thursday: I got up early to do the MBB Home Week 5 push workout at the apartment gym because I wanted to be able to go straight home after my midterm.


Turns out doing a morning workout was the best decision I made. I took my midterm (I think it went well) and then when I pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed something was wrong. I pulled over and discovered I had a flat tire. I didn’t trust my tire-changing abilities since I was parallel parked next to the curb and haven’t actually actively helped change a tire in about 6 years so I called USAA to get roadside assistance. When the guy pulled out my spare tire, it turned out to be flat so he had to pump it up. I would have had to call for help anyway. So that all took about an hour and a half, then I had to get the tire repaired, which took about 45 minutes. Thankfully, I had my computer and Les Schwab has free WiFi. All in all, I got home after 5:00, really glad I’d already worked out and could just study for my Contracts quiz and go to bed.

Friday: I got up with Matt even though I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be and got MBB Home Week 5 core done.


Then I procrastinated taking the quiz, which was online, until about 9:30. Then I took it, and got exactly what I expected, which was good. I like it when my expectations of my abilities match up with the end result. Anyway, then I went to school to pick up my graded trial brief and went to work. All day, it was dreary and cold. Then when I got home, it got sunny but I could see dark rainclouds coming. And while I was on my run, it did start to rain. But it was that nice, gentle spring rain that just felt good.


Matt and I were both exhausted by the week and went to bed at 9:30. Clearly, we are young, hip twenty-somethings who know how to party. But honestly, that’s a pretty good Friday night in my mind.

Saturday: I woke up naturally at about 7:15 (probably because I went to bed at 9:30) and went for my long run. It was not a great run, for a lot of reasons. But like I told my mom, I’ve had such a long string of good runs, I knew a not-so-good run was headed my way. That’s just how it works. I got through it.


After lunch, my mom and I got coffee and went for a walk to catch up. We’ve both been really busy the last few weeks so I was grateful to get some one on one time with her. I see my dad quite a bit since I stop by the office at least once a week during school to complain or rant. Anyway, we then went to Trader Joe’s needing one thing and walked out with a whole bag.

The weather was absolutely perfect yesterday: high 50s and sunny. The cats enjoyed a patch of sun from the window:

Matt and I decided to go to the movies last night. We have Movie Pass, which is this service where you pay $10 a month and you can see as many movies as you want (as long as you only use it once a day) so we’ve been going to the movies a lot more than we did when we had to pay every time. I wanted to see Red Sparrow and he wanted to see Annihilation so we went to a theater where they started at close to the same time and each went to our own movie. Our friends thought this was really weird but I don’t think so. What do you think?

By the way, Red Sparrow was really good. I’d definitely recommend it but know that it is very deserving for its R rating.

Sunday: Spring forward has me feeling a little out of sorts but since I’m on spring break, I’m not that upset. For once, I’m not doing homework (that starts tomorrow) and just relaxing. I’ll probably re-watch too many episodes of Friends and maybe write the beginning of a new story.

And obviously, go grocery shopping because we are dangerously low on snacks.

I’m looking forward to Week 6, which is a cut back week. My legs are definitely feeling the increase in mileage of this week and I’m glad to have more easy miles ahead of me.

Until next time,


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