Sunday Recap: Week 1

Hello, beautiful humans, and welcome to the recap of my first week of training for the Utah Valley Marathon!

Monday: 3 miles after class in the sunshine.


Tuesday: 5:30 alarm to stumble over to the apartment gym for an upper body workout. I’m restarting My Best Body Home this week and I think I’m going to start at Week 2. I’m excited to see how much stronger I am this time around.


Wednesday: 3 miles after class. I hadn’t intended to start adding speed this early but after my first mile was abnormally fast (for me) I decided to keep it going into the second and then tapered off for a slower third mile. It felt good to push myself, since a 3 mile run doesn’t always give me the same tired-from-a-run feel that longer runs do.


Thursday: 5:30 alarm again for a leg workout at the apartment gym. I don’t usually like to do all my lifting at the apartment gym because it doesn’t have a ton of equipment and what it does have, there’s usually only one. But mostly it’s missing 8 and 12 lb dumbbells, and it doesn’t have any barbells at all.


The reason I didn’t go to the regular gym after class like I normally do on Thursdays was that we had one of our two big briefs (think of them as papers) due Friday and I spent most of Thursday finishing it, after spending most of the last two weeks working on it. I even made it its own playlist:


Friday: Workout #1 was a core workout I made up on my own. I was not thrilled to be awake:


I did one last read through of my paper before printing it off and submitting it online. We have Contracts on Friday and usually, I get Monday’s reading done after class before I go to work for a bit. But Friday, I was too mentally exhausted to focus so I just went to work and then went home. Cuddled one very comfortable cat…


And then went for an easy run for Workout #2:


I picked my grandma up from the airport, came home to deal with the disaster that hit my apartment this week, and then got ready for Bar Review. That’s where a bunch of us go out to a bar about once a month and no, we did not come up with that name on our own. A selfie to document how great my hair looked:


Saturday: 6 mile run. I love Saturday morning runs. The world is so quiet, with most people still sleeping. After my run, I went to brunch with some girlfriends from school, and then napped. Matt and I went to Costco and watched a movie. And I passed out by midnight.


Sunday: Rest day. I usually like to do an upper body workout on Sundays because it helps me sleep but after this week, I’m just too tired and have too many other things to do. So a rest day! With laundry, homework, coffee with my mom and Grandma, grocery shopping, going to see The Post, and cuddling the cats. Not a bad end to a very long, very stressful week.


I’ll write a post about how I’m approaching training this time around this week, so keep an eye out for that. And have a good day.

Until next time,


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