Let’s talk inspiration

Hello, beautiful humans, and happy Saturday. As I usually do on Saturday mornings, I was scrolling through Instagram and decided in that moment to write this post. Lately, I’ve been feeling motivated and excited about pretty much everything in life and now the blog is getting swept up in this wave.

So, since this is a blog about running, I want to share a few people who have inspired me along my running journey. I hope you can find someone in here to inspire you, too.

It seems only right that I start with the person first motivated me to start running: my mom.


She is hands-down one of the most badass, fit women I know. She’s been running or working out pretty much her whole life. I remember growing up, she would run with her dog after she picked us up from school. She told me later that she used to run at 5:00 am but after her eyelashes froze, she switched to afternoon runs. She’s also an 8th grade science teacher and does work with the National Writing Project. Plus, you know, she raised two kids. She is the best cook and baker (which I did not appreciate enough when I lived at home.) All around, one of my favorite humans.

Okay, now on to the people I only know from the Internet.

Hungry Runner Girl – I found her blog last October and reading it was what helped me decide to run a marathon. She’s so upbeat and honest and unafraid to talk about the difficult topics. She has awesome hair. She loves food. And she’s fast.

Alexi Pappas (@alexipappas on Instagram) is one of my more recent favorites. Her Instagram captions are often short poems, which makes my English major/budding poet heart so happy, and she is such a source of positivity without belittling or minimizing the trials people go through. She posts a lot of messages she gets to her IG story and reading them gives me so much hope for all the girls younger than me who need someone like her to help them see that they can be brave.

Dale, known as @marathoner_dale on Instagram, who is another fast runner who is currently training to run her first Boston Marathon(!!!) I love seeing Chicago (where she lives) from a runner’s perspective and that has only made me even more determined to visit the city. She’s also one of the reasons I’d love to run Chicago someday. You can find her blog here.

I’m going to put these two together because the reasons I love them are the same: Ali Feller and Lindsey Hein. These two fabulous ladies host my two favorite podcasts, Ali on the Run Show and I’ll Have Another Podcast with Lindsey Hein, respectively. I love conversation-style podcasts and I love the variety of guests each of them have on their show. I give them massive props for helping me get through my long training runs last summer. Lindsey Hein recently interviewed Kathrine Switzer (yes, that Kathrine Switzer) and I highly recommend that episode if you want to see if it’s a podcast you’d be interested in or if you need to feel a sense of hope. And the Turkey Trot episode with Ali Feller’s husband is hysterical.

I think that’s enough for now. One note: I left my dad off because while he’s a huge inspiration for me in almost all other areas of my life, he’s not quite an inspiration for running. When I first told him I was running a marathon, he told me I couldn’t because I was going to hurt myself. He’s since come around and is impressed I was willing to push myself that hard but yeah…his role in my life is much more focused on law school and being a good lawyer and being a good person.

Until next time,


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