26 Ways a Law School Semester is Like Marathon Training

Without further ado,

1: Training for a marathon and a semester of law school last almost the same amount of time: 16-18 weeks and 16ish weeks, respectively.

2: It takes a few weeks to get into a rhythm with both, whether that’s long runs on Saturdays or reading and briefing cases almost every day.

3: Sadly, both require early alarm clocks.

4: It’s hell on your body. Marathon training can wreck you from all those miles while law school will wreck your neck from hunching over books and will wreck your back from carrying all those books.

5: It’s important to have snacks with you at all times.

6: There are a lot of people (in real life and on the Internet) who think you’re crazy.

7: There are a lot of people (in real life and on the Internet) who are crazy impressed you’re doing that crazy thing.

8: You question your life choices weekly (and sometimes daily.)

9: You start to covet sleep like a dragon guarding its treasure.

10: You make clothing choices based on comfort rather than style.

11: Coffee is your best friend after the aforementioned morning alarm.

12: Rest days are critical to your happiness and well-being.

13: There is tons of advice and how-tos floating around but ultimately, you have to do what works for you. Running five days a week too much? Run four days a week. Do all your reading over the weekend not working? Split up your reading over the week.

14: You’ll make new friends because they made the same choice as you.

15: Sometimes, it will feel like the end will never come.

16: You’ll spend equal amounts of time wishing for it to be over and being terrified because you’re unprepared for the end.

17: Getting sick is your worst fear, just like getting injured.

18: If either of those two things happen, you’ll pretend everything is fine and keep working because if you stop, you’ll never catch up.

19: Inevitably, you’ll look at your schedule and see something (usually a big paper) that you dread and don’t know how you’ll accomplish it, just like a very long, long run.

20: And then you’ll accomplish it just fine, because you’ve been working all semester to be able to write it, just like you’ve been training to run that 20 miler.

21: Law school will make you want to eat a lot of comfort food. Read= carbs.

22: You’re definitely going to cry at least once.

23: The end involves a lot of work.

24: You probably won’t get much sleep around finals (but hopefully won’t have to get up quite as early as you do for a marathon.)

25: During finals, you’ll definitely think you’re going to die or fail (and it’s a toss up which one is worse in your mind in the moment.)

26: You’ll finish and realize it was all worth it.

26.2: People will ask you constantly how you did, but that doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you DID IT!


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