Sunday Recap

Hello and happy Sunday, beautiful humans. I hope your weekend has been exactly what you needed it to be: relaxing or productive.

My weekend has been relaxing, something I very much needed after this week.

Monday: MMBHome Push workout. 5:30 alarms are never fun but always worth it.


Tuesday: MBBHome core workout and let me tell you, ouch. Abbie (the woman who wrote MBBHome) knows what she’s doing.


Then after class a nice and easy 4+ mile run. It wasn’t the greatest run because I felt kind of sick the whole time but I still reaped the mental benefits.


Wednesday: Leg day! I go through phases about which workout I like the best and right now, legs and core are tied. I think it’s because after I got tendonitis in my left bicep, I had to back off of upper body and I feel like I’ve lost some strength.

Post-gym picture because of the crowd:

Unfortunately, something either Tuesday or Wednesday morning made my right hip very unhappy. It hurt pretty bad to walk and especially to walk in anything other than a straight line. So….

Thursday: Rest day. I normally don’t like taking unplanned rest days because I like to be very organized but this time, I wasn’t complaining. I had a hair appointment (my first since June) and the big memo to finish. For those of you who don’t know, in the first semester of 1L year, only one memo (memorandum) out of five receives a numerical grade and this was it. So it was a big deal and I was up kind of late finishing it after working all day.

To shift gears a little, here’s an awesome picture to show you all how big Minnie has gotten:


Obi is 2 years old and he weighs 10.6 pounds and I think he could stand to a gain little bit of weight but he’s been very energetic lately. He sprints around the apartment quite a lot and is always hungry, so who knows what his deal is.

Minnie, on the other hand, is 7.5 months old and weighs 9.4 pounds. She’s a giant but she’s still not done. Right now, her torso, tail, and butt are all those of a full-sized cat. Her legs haven’t started growing again yet so she looks  a bit like a Corgi in cat form and her head is tiny.

Anyway, moving on.

Friday: Another unplanned rest day mostly due to the fact that we had two makeup classes that made it difficult to plan anything. Plus we had a contracts quiz and we had to turn in our memo. So it was a busy, exhausting day. But my dad took me out to one of our favorite restaurants for wine and trout (Mom and Matt hate fish so we sneak away to get it on our own whenever we can).

Saturday: Aw, the sweet taste of freedom. I celebrated by doing not one but two workouts. I finished MMBHome Week 3 with the pull workout (no picture because somehow Saturday at 12:00 was also busy) and then after running some errands, I did an easy 5 mile run.


I actually discovered I should have worn gloves because it was getting darker and colder but I survived. And it felt great.

Sunday: After two rest days, today is not a rest day. It is still the day of groceries and laundry but I’m planning on doing leg day from Week 4 after lunch. I’m excited to get some muscle back.

I don’t know if next week will have a Sunday recap but if not, have a good Thanksgiving and here’s another picture of Minnie being cute:


Can you see Obi watching in the background?


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