Sunday Recap

Monday: 4 easy miles after class and then some dedicated stretching later that night.


Tuesday: Dragged my butt out of bed at 5:30 to get in an upper body workout.


Wednesday: 3 miles. I had planned on doing a fast mile in the middle but my right calf/shin was feeling ache-y so I just got the miles in. It’s race week, I don’t want to push myself if I don’t have to.


Thursday: Dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 again. I took a few weeks off of these early morning workouts when I hurt my arm. It’s not easy getting up but I feel so much better if I start my morning off with a workout. I feel more awake in class.

No picture because apparently everyone had the same idea as me.

Friday: Chest and shoulders workout out at the base with my dad. It was my first no-kidding upper body weights session since I got tendonitis in my left bicep a few weeks ago and I’m still feeling it. No picture because it was the base gym.

Saturday: Went to the expo and the farmer’s market with my mom. Studied because I have a property midterm on Monday. Worked on research that’s also due on Monday. Took pictures of napping cats:


Sunday: Race day! (I’m actually writing this on Saturday night so this hasn’t happened yet.) Followed by a donut and then studying for my midterm. Life ain’t always glamorous but if it was, what would be the point?

The race recap will hopefully be up sometime on Monday. Fingers crossed the race goes well!

Until next time, beautiful humans,


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