Sunday Recap

Monday: Rest because my left arm was still sore and not super mobile. It worked out nicely because I had a lot of homework to get done.

Tuesday: Leg workout on machines so I didn’t have to use my arm at all.


Tuesday turned into a very, very long day at law school. Thankfully, when I came home, Minnie cuddled me and fell asleep in my lap.


Wednesday: I ran! Five miles after class. This run was the perfect reminder for how much a run can positively impact my mental state. Not gonna lie, this week was a struggle and this run made it better. Thankful for that.


Thursday: My last class got cancelled because the professor got sick (and was honestly sick on Wednesday, too but he doesn’t give up easily). My mom also had Thursday off (because she had parent-teacher conferences into the evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday) so we took Bella for a hike in the Foothills.


We even saw a baby rattlesnake which was scary because 1) I’m deathly afraid of snakes and 2) Baby rattlesnakes are apparently extra-venomous. But there were also gorgeous fall colors.

Friday: No class so I started my morning off in my brand new Brooks Ghost 10s. This is my third pair of these and I love them so much.


Five miles with last week’s episode of “I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein.” Then some homework before my PT appointment. I got some exercises to strengthen the stabilizing muscles around my shoulder and I was thoroughly sore afterward. Then my mom and I went shopping. I spent too much money and she bought me more than she should have. I love my mom. She’s the best.

Then when Matt came home, Obi found a new spot to lay on:


Saturday: 12 miles at 9:17/mile pace. I don’t usually run my long runs this fast but I couldn’t seem to slow down. I think I subconsciously wanted a taste of what pushing myself for 13 miles would feel like. By the end, my feet were hurting and my legs were wiped out for the rest of the day. Clearly, I’ve got some work to do.


We cleaned the apartment and did some grocery shopping. When we got back, I crawled into bed and proceeded to nap for two hours straight and if Matt hadn’t woken me up, I think I would have kept sleeping. We went to The Counter for dinner because Matt had a gift card. Then we went to a corn maze and I did pretty well until the soreness really set in. Then I made Matt use the map- he was in favor of just wandering around until we found the checkpoints but I wasn’t having any of it.


It was a lot of fun and it brought my total walking/running for the day up to 17 miles. Not too shabby. We stopped at Winco and I got a donut because sometimes, a girl just needs a donut.

Today’s going to be homework. The reality is that most of my life is centered around school and that’s just not fun or exciting or photo-worthy. Oh well. Hope you had a good week and here’s to Week 8 of training for me!

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