Sunday Recap

Monday: 4 miles after class in a sudden heat wave. (I kid but going from low fifties to the seventies was rough on my poor little body.)


Tuesday: Upper body workout that left my arms feeling like noodles for the rest of the day.


Obviously, this is my bathroom and not a gym. But I wanted a picture and the gym was crowded.

Wednesday: 5 miles, even though all I wanted was a nice glass of wine after class. I told myself all I had to do was run, I didn’t have to do speed work but once I was out, I threw in some speed for the middle 3 miles.


Thursday: Leg day! And the gym was empty long enough for me to get a picture without being awkward!


Then, Thursday evening, I did something to my left shoulder. I don’t know if it was yoga or putting on a jacket that did it but I was in pain and couldn’t move my arm much without adding more pain. I took some ibuprofen and went to bed hoping for the best.

Friday: I woke up and the best had not happened. My shoulder still hurt, so I went to the doctor. Turns out, it wasn’t my shoulder (rotator cuff, etc.) that was hurt. I have bicep tendonitis. Thankfully, it’s not too bad. My instructions were to apply anti-inflammatory cream, take ibuprofen religiously, ice the dickens out of it, and rest. Hence my lovely new sling:


The real problem was that I couldn’t type without it hurting and I have a paper due tomorrow. So I religiously iced and rested it on Friday and most of yesterday. It’s feeling much better today. I finished my paper and managed to grocery shop without straining it.

I have a PT appointment on Friday, so hopefully he’ll be able to tell me why/how I injured it. He’ll also hopefully tell me if running is off limits. As it turns out, the bicep tendon is pretty important to your general arm motion and I move my arms when I run. Who knew.

Anyway, it’s not the way I wanted the week to end but I’m glad it’s not worse and I’m glad it’s starting to feel better.

Until next time,


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