Sunday Recap

Week 5 is over, which means I’m halfway through my training for the Onward Shay! Half Marathon. Notable things running-related from this week: the weather changed to brisk and cool, or even cold and rainy. That’s right, autumn is here.

Monday: I came home from class with every intention of running my usual 4 mile route. Then thunder and lightning forced a change of plans to the treadmill. I really don’t like treadmills. And I didn’t take a picture. Oh well.

Tuesday: Up early to knock out a push workout from the My Best Body Home free trial. (It’s really good, I’d recommend it and I’m seriously considering spending some savings on the full version when it releases.)


Wednesday: 5 mile speed workout. 1 mile warm up, and then the plan was to do three miles between 8:45-9:00/mile pace. I did the first fast mile at 8:05, the next at 7:55. At that point I decided to try to continue the trend and run the last speedy mile as my fastest. Turns out I’m a lot faster than I’ve been giving myself credit for because I did it in 7:29. Followed by 1 mile cool down and I was very, very happy with myself.


I got up at one point to get a snack and found this little girl had stolen my seat:


Thursday: Leg day! This was the first time I’ve ever used resistance bands and it took everything to a whole new level. I got my resistance bands off of Amazon for like $11. Worth it, in my humble opinion.


The cats have both been feeling extra energetic this week (except when they are napping) and Obi thought he’d found a great new spot when Matt got home from work…


Friday: Double workout started with a pull-workout in the gym because it was raining. I don’t usually have class on Fridays, so I worked on homework and took a quiz before I headed out for my run.


First run in leggings!

I worked on some more homework and then went to get a present for my best friend’s baby shower. Then I decided to relax with some fun banned-book socks, a cup of tea, and a favorite book:


Saturday: 11 cold miles. I saw frost on rooftops and the fog of my own breath. It was my favorite kind of running weather and yet another sure sign that autumn is here. I climbed one of the shorter (but still steep) hills and was greet by some fantastic views, including this one:


I did manage to roll my ankle coming into my apartment complex, but it feels fine today, so I’m thanking my lucky stars.

Matt and I ran a few errands at RC Willey and then went to see Kingsman The Golden Circle, which was great. I loved the first one and this one was just as much fun.

Sunday: I slept for almost 11 hours last night. I guess my body really needed it. Now I’m almost done with my second cup of coffee, ready to tackle my To-Do list for the day.

Thanks for joining me on this running/life journey, beautiful humans. Until next time,


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