Obi and Minnie

This post will be 0% running. You’ve been warned.

Instead, I want to formally introduce you to my cats. I’ve definitely talked about them and I think I posted about Minnie when we got her but I don’t think I’ve ever given Obi his full due and why not, I have plenty of pictures to choose from.

I co-cat-parent with my boyfriend, Matt. Our oldest cat is Oberon but we call him Obi…


Last summer, before Matt and I moved in together, I got a text saying he might have found us a cat. I asked for a picture and he sent one. The almost full grown kitten was very skinny but adorable (obviously.) His mom had been walking their dogs when one of them, Louie, chased something up a tree. She got Obi out of the tree and took him home. After no one claimed him, we formally adopted him by getting him neutered and micro-chipped.


Matt gave me the job of thinking of his name. We settled on Oberon for a few reasons. First, we could shorten it to Obi. Second, Oberon is King of the Fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and I’m a huge Shakespeare nerd. Third, Matt could call him Obi-Wan Kenobi. And yes, most people ask if that’s what Obi is short for. It’s not. His name is Oberon.

He is an exceptionally good cat. He can be annoying when he’s hungry but I can’t exactly fault him for that. He has used a litter box since the first day and he loves his bed more than any cat I’ve ever met. He will start purring immediately when he’s in it.

He’s got an independent personality but he likes to sleep on the bed with us. He likes Matt more and will lay in his lap every now and then. Because I believe in the power of bribery, I will let him lick the knife after I spread my Laughing Cow cheese on my sandwiches. Matt scolds me for teaching him to beg but I don’t care.

He’s a very handsome boy and I love him dearly. I think my favorite is how cute he can be when he sleeps:


We don’t know exactly how old he is but we chose September 15 as his birthday, so he turned 2 last week. I’m eternally grateful to Louie for chasing him up that tree.

Now, Minnie is our younger cat. She’s really still a kitten. She was born April 4, so she’s about five and a half months old. When we got her, she was three pounds and all ear fluff:


We decided to adopt a second cat so Obi would have some company when Matt was at work and I was at school. We found Minnie at a local rescue called Simply Cats. They are a no-kill, no-cage rescue and they are amazing. Minnie was fostered until she was big enough to be spayed and then we got to bring her home towards the end of June.


She was very skittish when I brought her home but I sat on the floor and she warmed up to me. She took a bit longer to warm up to Matt but now she loves him, too. She does still hide under the bed whenever someone comes over but that’s okay. Progress.


She is now seven pounds and her tail is 13 inches long. I am not kidding. That cat is all tail. She has to hold it up when she runs so she doesn’t trip. She is incredibly sweet and loves to rub against our legs. Her purr is like an engine and sometimes, she purrs so hard she drools. It’s both cute and a little gross.


Obi and Minnie get along fairly well. When she first came home, he thought she was a toy and he could play tackle football with her. Not so much but now she’s big enough that it’s more of a wrestling match. We did have to keep them separated when we were both gone when she was really little but now they’re fine on their own together. Occasionally, they sleep in close proximity to each other. They enjoy watching birds and squirrels together. I’ve even caught them grooming each other once or twice.

Last weekend, we had our first chilly night. I woke up to Minnie purring away under the covers and Obi at my feet. I haven’t had a cat since I was seven, so I didn’t know what to expect when we decided to get cats. I’d heard horror stories. I’d heard sweet stories. This is what I’ve learned: they’re all true. Cats are wonderful, infuriating, adorable, annoying, a lot of work, and they fill your life with joy and laughter.

I will end with one of the few pictures we have of them together that doesn’t involve a bird or squirrel in the window:


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