What I’ve Been Loving

Hello there.

So, brief update: Law school is incredibly time-consuming. Between school, training, and keeping myself, my boyfriend, and the cats alive, I have almost no energy left for anything else. But here is a short list of non-running related stuff I’ve been loving lately.

-American Eagle flannel shirts. My classes are held in the same cavernous, frigid room so I’ve been wearing one of my American eagle flannel shirts when I get cold. Soft and cozy but not too heavy, they’re perfect. I want another one.

-My Passion Planner. To keep my sanity, I have to be very organized and manage my time really well. I love that my Passion Planner is full-sized and I love that it has both the full month and then week by week. I’m also very excited about ordering a new one for 2018, because they have some pretty great designs. You can find them here. 

-The soundtrack from Les Miserables (2013). I don’t know why , but Valjean and Co. have been making my paper-writing go very smoothly these last few weeks.

-Cat nip. Obi has always liked cat nip but Minnie came around to it. It’s such cheap entertainment, for cats and humans alike.

-Albertsons chocolate chip cookies. My Northwest friends, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, go buy a bag right now.

-Blueberries. For some reason, blueberries have been really good lately. Must be the last hurrah before apple season (autumn) hits.

-Cooler nights/mornings. I am a big fan of autumn/winter so I’m more than ready for the cooler temperatures. It makes everything better: sleeping, running, drinking coffee, even going to school gets that much less painful when there are crunchy leaves outside.

Hope you’re all having a good week and if you’re not, just remember: you got this far, you can make it.


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