Sunday Recap

Week 3 of training for Onward Shay is done and let me tell you, it was a rough week for this law student (it was also my third week of school.)

Monday: 4 miles, followed by some homework at school, and then a lot of doing nothing because it was Labor Day.


I decided to run without worrying about pace. I just ran and I’m pretty happy with the result.

Tuesday: Upper body workout followed by some abs.


Then a very stressful day at school and some yoga when I got home.

Wednesday: Four miles, with the attempt to do two miles at a faster pace.


Thursday: Extra-early leg day because we had double Contracts (started at 8:30 instead of 9:30.) I also threw in some abs.


Friday: Four easy miles. This was the first morning all week where it wasn’t smoky and I didn’t feel like I had a bad cough coming on when I finished. We had a makeup class (because some of our classes were cancelled for the eclipse) so I spent the morning and half the afternoon at school working on stuff. I was very productive.


I can’t emphasize enough how, on certain days, my productivity is directly tied to whether I worked out that morning. It’s unbelievable.

Saturday: 7 miles. I didn’t feel great during them but when this is the sight that greets you, it’s hard to be upset about being outside:



After my run, I went to this event called “Art in the Park” with my mom and my grandma to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I got a very cool piece of art for the apartment, my mom bought me a cute ring and I ate this delicious smoothie:


I baked a cake for my mom and my dad and I jointly gave her a Garmin watch. She was very excited.

Sunday: Yoga. Laundry. Homework. Groceries. Cuddling the cats. The usual.

A few final notes:

In case you were distracted by the hurricane(s) the Pacific Northwest is collectively on fire. The worst (I think, I could be wrong) is in Oregon and Montana. Idaho had 22 fires burning, the last I saw. It was very smoky until Friday. It turned the sun into a red dot:


Thankfully, the wind has taken a lot of the smoke out of the valley but the fires are still burning. Don’t play with fireworks in the mountains (or maybe in August in general) and don’t let your kids play with fire. Ever. And please, keep the firefighters in your thoughts.

Second, on a much lighter note, I signed up for my next marathon: Utah Valley! I picked it based primarily on two factors: relative ease of driving and time. I can’t take off for a long weekend while I’m in school but I didn’t want to train through July again so I needed a June marathon. And Provo is about a five and a half hour drive from here, so it works out perfectly.

I can’t wait!



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