Sunday Recap

Week 2 of half marathon training is done. Here’s how it all worked out:

Monday: 3 miles, easy. It was supposed to be 4 miles but my stomach was not happy (plus I was exhausted from staying up to watch the Game of Thrones finale after getting home from a play) so I turned around early. No picture, because I was very tired but here’s Obi being cute:


Tuesday: Upper body workout, followed by a very long day at law school. No picture from the gym because it was crowded again and I’m not confident enough to take selfies with lots of people around.

Wednesday: 4 mile speed workout. 1 mile warm up, followed by 2.5 miles at a hard effort. I tried for 9:00/mile pace but came in much closer to 8:45/mile. Then 0.5 mile cool down. After such a rough Tuesday, this run put me in such a good mood and the rest of the day was pretty good, too.


Thursday: Leg day. It was a really good workout that I was definitely feeling by the afternoon. To make the day even better, this was my view going to school:


Friday: 4 miles easy. I slept in a bit because I didn’t have class and then thoroughly enjoyed an episode of “Ali on the Run Show.”


Saturday: 9 miles. I felt pretty good during, all things considered. The temperature wasn’t as cool as I was expecting but I had my water bottle this time, so everything was good.


Matt and I went to see Dunkirk and then went out to dinner. I decided I wanted a drink to reward myself for surviving two weeks of law school so I ordered a glass of sangria. It was a little bigger than I was expecting…


It was delicious and yes, I drank the whole thing. It cost $8.50, damn right I was going to finish it. I then spent my night watching a movie and re-reading the fifth Harry Potter book while Matt played a video game with some friends.

Sunday: The usual: laundry, grocery shopping. But because it’s Labor Day weekend, no homework until tomorrow! My hips and hamstrings are very unhappy, so yoga is happening today. We’re also going to a barbecue at Matt’s parents’ house. Which means I don’t have to cook, which is great.

Total mileage for this week: 20. Not bad, especially since I’m still figuring out a routine with school.

Here’s a picture of Minnie napping and I’ll see you next week!


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