What’s next

Before I ran San Francisco, I had heard about something called the “post-marathon blues.” Basically, you spend all this time training and running and stretching and foam rolling and not eating brownies so you can run on this one day. When it’s over, you suddenly don’t know what to do. There is so much time. Added to that, you feel sad that the race is over and you want that post-race sense of euphoria again.


Believe me, this is a real thing.

The day of the marathon, after I had eaten, I texted Matt while I drank my Gatorade. We talked about the race but pretty soon, he asked “Well, are you going to do another one?”

At the time, I said I didn’t know. But the truth is, I did know. I was fortunate enough to run a race without injury or serious mishap (except for a weird knot in my foot taking the first seven miles to work out) so I didn’t go through any of the ‘I’m never doing this again!’ feeling. I was afraid to admit I wanted to do another one so soon after San Francisco. I hadn’t even showered yet.

But I do want to run another marathon. I loved the structure training gave me. I loved pushing myself and I loved everything about the race itself. Except maybe the 4:00 a.m. alarm.

So, yes, I will be running another marathon. That begs the question: which one? To which I say…I don’t know. The hardest part about training for San Francisco was having to get up so early to avoid the summer heat so I want to run one that doesn’t require that. But I am also starting law school in less than a month, so my only opportunity to travel will be summer. I would run a local marathon but they’re all in the fall and I’m not ready to do that yet and I don’t want to wait more than a year. Plus, Matt will be able to go with me this time so I want to pick one in a place we’d both like to see. On top of all that, I’d like it to be in driving distance to make it cheaper.

All of which basically means, I don’t have a marathon picked out yet. But I do have a half marathon. I’m going to be running the Onward Shay Half Marathon here in Boise on October 29. I’m probably going to start training at the end of August or beginning of September. I’m trying to take it easy for the next week and then Matt and I are heading to Montana for our annual trip with his family, so I won’t be running so much as eating chips on the lake. Then it’s orientation and then law school starts. I believe training should work in harmony with other aspects of my life, so I’m holding off.

I did run today. 3 miles this morning and I could feel that I had run a marathon less than a week ago. But I saw a family of raccoons and a cotton candy sky, so I’d say it was a great way to start my Friday.


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