Marathon Fears and Goals: #3

To be honest, today’s fear isn’t probably one that’s very common among less experienced runners. But I could be wrong about that. I don’t really know any other runners in real life besides my mom and my friend Justin, and neither of them have this problem.

Marathon Fear #3 is:

I will get sick.

This needs a little back story. I may have mentioned before on Instagram, if not on this blog, that when I was nineteen I went through a couple months of feeling nauseous. My stomach has always been sensitive to sugar and handled dehydration really poorly but this was different. Pretty much every waking moment was spent either feeling like I might be about to throw up or worrying that I might start feeling nauseous. 

Yes, I went to the doctor. They told me it was stress. I found that hard to accept because it started the week before I moved back to school for my sophomore year and then continued. I didn’t think I was stressed enough to bring on this level of nausea but I never got a better answer.

My stomach is still extremely sensitive but I’ve gotten much better about managing my symptoms. But running 26.2 miles is an incredibly stressful endeavor, there is a strong possibility of being dehydrated, and I am absolutely terrified that I will get sick at the end and then stay sick for months.

I don’t have a corresponding goal for this one either but Marathon Goal #4 is…

Expect to walk.

I have serious doubts about my ability to drink water from a cup while running so I plan on walking through the water stations. If there is a particularly nasty hill, I am going to let myself walk at the very top if I need to. There is nothing wrong with walking and this goal might just save my sanity.

I only have one exception: I will not walk across the finish line.

Until next time, fellow humans,


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