Marathon Fears and Goals: #4

Welcome back! I hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend.

Today, I’m going to address another marathon fear and marathon goal. So, without further ado, let’s get started with Marathon Fear #4…

Not enjoying the moment and not staying present.

Some might argue that this is technically two fears but I think they are close enough to count as one. I am worried that I’ll get caught up in worrying about what mile I’m running, how my pace is, or I’ll just spend too much time wanting to be done because it hurts.

I want to enjoy the race. San Francisco is a beautiful city and I really want to take in everything about it. I want to relish the miles I’m going to run crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. I don’t want to spend those miles thinking, Okay, well this is only mile 8 and we’re not even close to halfway done and my (insert aching body part here) already hurts.

I’ve noticed that when I focus on how much something hurts or how desperately I want to be done, the miles slow down. Each mile feels like three and that only worsens my mental game. I really, really don’t want that to happen during the race.

Which brings me to the somewhat related Marathon Goal #4…

Enjoy the city views.

One very distinct advantage of traveling to a race is that I have never run any portion of the course before. That means around every corner will be a completely new view. I will be thoroughly distracted from the pain of running by looking at the city and the crowds so I am 100% committed to looking at everything I can.

That’s all for now! In other news, the taper has begun and I will admit, I am very ready to be done training for this marathon so I can sleep in again.

Until next time, beautiful humans,


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