Sunday Recap

Week 16 is done and next week starts my taper for the San Francisco Marathon.

Here’s what I got up to this week:

Monday: 5 easy miles in the morning.

Tuesday: 10 miles. I was on track for a negative split and then a dog decided to join me and I slowed way down to make sure he didn’t get hurt. He followed me home for the last two miles and then I drove him home.

Wednesday: 5 easy miles because my left calf felt funky Tuesday night and I didn’t want to push it.

I also did an upper body workout. This was the day the AC went out in my office building so I didn’t go to work at all.


Thursday: Leg day. No picture because there was a guy in the gym the whole time, using about ten different machines to do supersets. Not cool, dude. Not cool.

There was plenty of cat napping going on:

Friday: Abs and yoga.


I did the hip and hamstrings flow from Jessica Olie’s Lets Start Yoga E-book and let me tell you, it is wonderful.

Saturday: 20 miles!!!!


Yes, I’m a dork who figured out how to do 20 with my hands. The aftermath of this run was all kinds of painful. My calves and hamstrings especially were both really tired and really sore. My feet, ankles, and hips hurt. I have eaten enough to feed a small family.

Including cinnamon rolls:

Sunday: Matt and I headed to a mountain resort town a few hours north of us to spend the day. On the agenda: hiking, burgers, lounging lake-side, and ice cream.

Until next time,


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