Day in the life

Happy Friday, beautiful humans. I hope some of you have a long weekend to look forward to like I do.

Today, I thought I’d share what a typical week day looks like for me. I just want to preface this by saying a couple of things.

1- I am aware I am in a very fortunate position, meaning I only have to work part time. This is due entirely to the fact that I graduated college a month ago and I will be starting law school in August. Doesn’t leave a lot of time to get a full time job. The flip side to that is student loans. Yay. Not. But I am still very, very lucky.

2- There is a lot of variation from week to week as far as how much I work. This week, for example, I didn’t have to go to work on Wednesday because the AC went out in the whole building. Then there are weeks where I’m working almost full time. That’s just how it goes.

3- I work for a law firm, so I can’t really explain in detail what I do from day to day in the interest of confidentiality. Basically, I file, draft legal documents, type dictations, and do legal research. Or read in preparation for law school.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, here we go!


Get up, get dressed, drink some water, stretch a little, eat a Gatorade chew, and head out for a run.



Finish up my run. Stretch. Change into clothes that aren’t sweaty. Eat my oatmeal (made with PB Fit and half a Clif Bar) and drink coffee. Scroll through Instagram.



Drive to work. My office is about ten minutes away, so I usually listen to music instead of a podcast.




Eat lunch. This week, I brought either a turkey wrap or a turkey sandwich with spinach. I also bring baby carrots and some type of fruit. This week, farmer’s market cherries.



This is the window of time where I typically leave work. When I get home, I let Minnie out of our bedroom and play with both of the cats for a while. Depending on what time it is, I eat a snack. Work on revising my book. Or, since they finished renovating it, I go down to the pool and read.



I’m either reading at the pool, watching Netflix, or playing with the cats until Matt gets home at around 5:20.


Matt and I chat. And play with the cats.


We switch off who cooks dinner, but we usually start cooking around this time.


Feed the cats and then eat dinner. Talk about how Obi’s diet is not going well because he just waits to steal Minnie’s kitten food instead of eating his diet food.


Clean up from dinner. I make my lunch. I try to do some yoga or foam roll. Take a shower and then work on my book. Spend too much time on Pinterest.


I eat my night-time snack. This is a very big deal in our house. I eat a caramel rice cake with peanut butter (creamy Jif for the win) and a bowl of cereal with cashew milk. It is wonderful.


I start getting ready for bed. This is quite the production because I have to take my dishes into the kitchen. I refill my 32 oz water bottle. Floss, brush my teeth, fill Minnie’s water dish. Matt corrals Minnie into our room. Then I get into bed and try to read for a few minutes before turning the lights off.


Lights out.

And that’s my day! Obviously, I don’t run every day but the days I don’t run, I lift weights at my apartment gym, so that part’s pretty consistent. I could definitely spend more time stretching but couldn’t we all?

Hope you enjoyed this!


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