Sunday Recap

My marathon is four weeks from today. Four. Weeks. From. Today.

I’m not nervous and excited, you’re nervous and excited.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop trying to be funny and get into what I did this week.

Monday: Five easy miles. Not a whole lot else but that was a week ago so I don’t really remember.


Side note: Can I just say how much I really love my Garmin? Without it, I’d have to plot out every run on Map My Run and if the route was closed at any point (which seems to be a repeating theme) I’d have no idea if I actually ran the correct distance.

So yeah, this was a pretty great birthday present.

Tuesday: 9 miles. It was already pretty hot and humid (for us- Boise is a desert so any humidity is a lot to us) and my knees and calves were still not feeling great after Saturday’s long run. But I did see my mom out for her run with Bella, so I’m glad I got to say hi to both of them.


Hot and humid at 6:00 am? Hell no I didn’t wear a shirt. I like to run without getting heat stroke, thank you very much.

Tuesday is also the day we got Minnie. Check out my post from Tuesday for a proper introduction to her!

After work, I went to the Idaho Shakespeare Festival with my mom and our next door neighbor. We saw Hamlet with a female lead and it was amazing.

Wednesday: Minnie woke me up quite a few times but I didn’t have to go in to work so I got to ‘sleep’ until 6:30. Then I dragged my tired self to the track for 5x800s with 200 meters recovery. It worked out to just under 5 miles.


I only had to work a few hours so I also got in a back and bis lift. Which is a miracle, since all I wanted was to cuddle Minnie.


Thursday: Leg day! It hurt so good. And then after work I did a video for some recovery and mobility work with my foam roller.


Friday: Ab workout and some hip-strengthening work. My brother had my mom’s car so I took her to a doctor’s appointment and then went grocery shopping. I hung out after with her on my deck and eventually, Carlyn and John (next door neighbors we’ve known since I was four) came over and so did my dad.


Saturday: 14 miles. These didn’t feel great but they didn’t feel terrible. The weather was perfect: sunny but not too warm. At one point I ran to the top of a trail with a pretty great view and attempted a self-timer jump shot….


…and totally forgot to smile. Oh well. I smiled in this one:

Matt IMG_1466

Matt and I went to the farmer’s market. We got doughnuts, cookies, garlic seasonings and I found some delicious local cherries. Then we spent the rest of the day relaxing. Some of us relaxed more than others:


We went out to dinner, got Obi some diet cat food (he’s not really overweight but he is a bit chubby) and then got ice cream.

Sunday: Shoulder and chest workout eventually. Grocery shopping. Laundry. My friend Shelby is coming over to see the kitten. She’ll probably hang out with me too but let’s be honest here: she’s only coming for the cat.

That’s it for me this week. Week 15 is done and Week 16 is my highest mileage week. Total, I’ll run 40 miles by next Sunday. I’m aware many other runners run more miles on an average week than that but I’m a beginner and I’d like to avoid any sort of over-use injury. I also have a lot of other passions that I like to dedicate time to: reading, writing, watching movies, eating, loving my cats, hanging out with my family and friends, relaxing in these last few months before law school.

You get the point. It is perfectly okay to have more than one passion and to dedicate time to all of them. It doesn’t lessen your love for one or the other. Yes, I could run more days of the week but I also like to lift and do yoga and sleep in and have that extra cup of coffee. Maybe one day I’ll write a post on what ‘balance’ means to me before I go too far down this rabbit hole.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Sunday Recap

  1. I remember feeling so nervous the weeks leading up to my first marathon! I felt underprepared and overprepared at the same time lol. It ended up going so well and I’m sure yours will too! Also, hats off to you for keeping up with strength training during your training cycle! I think that is the number one key to avoiding injury.


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