There’s someone I want you to meet…

Warning: this post has absolutely nothing to do with running.

I’d like to introduce you to the newest addition to my little family…


This is Minnie. Matt and I adopted her at the end of May but we had to wait until she was big enough to be spayed so we brought her home on Tuesday.

Needless to say, I am in love.


She is almost 11 weeks old. She’s very energetic and playful. She loves chasing a laser point, which provided a good half hour of entertainment last night for Matt and me. She has some truly magnificent fur on her ears too.


She fell asleep on my lap last night and my heart melted.

She hasn’t quite grown into her paws yet, which results in quite a few wipe-outs on our linoleum floors.

We decided to adopt a kitten rather than an adult cat because we thought Obi would have an easier time adjusting. So far, I’d say things are going as well as can be expected. They sniff each other, she rubs on him and sometimes mistakes his tail for a toy. We think he wants to play with her but he wants to play tackle football. She’s a little small, plus she still has her stitches in, to keep up with him (he’s 13 pounds) so we have to keep an eye on them. Once she’s bigger, it will be less stressful.


And, in case you were worried about us not giving him enough attention, I make a point to love on him first and to play with him. It’s still an adjustment but I think it’s going pretty well at this point.

That’s pretty much it. One more picture:


I’m really proud of myself for actually getting my run in yesterday morning because what I really wanted was to stay home and cuddle with her. So, you know, that willpower will clearly translate to mile 19.43 of San Francisco.


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