Sunday Recap

Week 14 of training for San Francisco is done and I seriously can’t believe the marathon is five weeks from today.

Get used to hearing “I can’t the marathon is X weeks away” because I’m going to be in shock for the rest of this training cycle.

Monday: 4 easy-paced miles. Nothing spectacular. I did think about back in high school, when someone asked me what I did on my weekend and I said I ran four miles. They acted impressed and told me that it was far. Oh, how times have changed.

The sunrise was beautiful and I had to stop to snap a picture.


Tuesday: 8 miles with my favorite long hill. Followed by a long day of work which left me with zero desire to cook dinner. Matt and I went over to my parents and they fed us. Not gonna lie, this is one of the best things about moving back home.


Not my greatest picture but I had to get one. Also, yes it was cold enough to justify the long sleeved shirt.

Wednesday: I realized late on Tuesday I should have run 9 miles instead of 8, so I ran 6 instead of 5. I drove to some trails and was rewarded beautiful morning light and wildflowers.


I also did a back and bis workout before heading to work in the afternoon.


Thursday: Leg workout that left my legs shaky for the rest of the day. I also tried hot yoga for the first time. It wasn’t my cup of tea, partly because the class focused on backbends and standing balance poses when I really want a yoga class to stretch out my hips and hamstrings.

But hey, I tried something new. And took no pictures but here’s what I had for lunch this week: ground turkey, asparagus and sweet potato.


Friday: I didn’t want to workout but my friend Justin guilted me into it via Snapchat so I did a killer ab workout. And took cute pictures of my cat.

Saturday: 18 miles. I listened to two podcasts and then switched to music. It hurt but I felt strong at the end and my fastest mile was the last one, 8:35. Matt and I had Italian on Friday night, so I think the extra carbs went to good use. As you can tell, I was very excited with how that run went:


I napped. We had my parents over for dinner. Matt made pizza and I tried a brownie recipe that turned out amazing. Then I fell asleep at about 10:15. I was very tired.

Sunday: Obi woke me up at around 6:30 and I couldn’t fall back asleep. I went over to my parents’ to have breakfast with them for Father’s Day. Then tonight Matt and I are going to his parents’ house for a barbecue.

That’s it for me.

Until next time, beautiful humans,


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