Sunday Recap: Week 13

Another week down. Six weeks until the San Francisco Marathon. Here’s what my week looked like:

Monday: Four easy miles in the morning. Hip exercises and abs after a short work day.


Tuesday: 8 miles with hills. I’ve started reading recaps of San Francisco and everyone says they were not prepared for the hills. It was a good kick in the butt to get me to include hills on at least two, if not three, runs a week.


I also knocked out a back and bis workout before working in the afternoon.


Wednesday: On Global Running Day, I did a track workout: 10 x 400 meters with 200 meters recovery. With the warm up and cool down, it worked out to be 5 miles.


That’s my high school in the background.

Thursday: Leg workout that left my hamstrings quite sore. Unrelated to running, after work I got to read for fun. This is something I missed during the school year and it really is a great way to unwind from the day.


My shirt says “Coffee helps me ‘human'”

Friday: I’ve decided not to work out Friday mornings so I can get a little extra sleep, since on Saturdays I’ve been getting up early to run. I was supposed to go to a trial, which ended up being rescheduled, so I dressed very professionally:


Since the trial was rescheduled, I finished up my work by about 1:00 so I came home. I decided to take advantage of the unexpected time and get in the ab workout I skipped on Wednesday. A short reverse-Cinderella later:


I then went to Lululemon to buy new running shorts with the majority of my paycheck. Kidding, but they were pricey but so worth it.

Saturday: 12 miles with a very long, steep hill. Like I said, I’m petrified by the hills in San Francisco. The problem is Boise doesn’t have a lot of gentle rolling hills. It is either dead flat or incredibly steep going into the Foothills. But the view was great:

I met my friend Shelby for a smoothie date, Matt and I went to a drive-in for dinner. I demolished a plate of fries.

Sunday: The usual: grocery shopping, laundry, cuddling the cat. New additions since school is over: maybe a workout, taking advantage of my apartment complex’s hot tub, and general relaxing.


So, Obi weighs a little under 13 pounds so we decided to put him on a very small diet. The result of that decision is he now aggressively cuddles us in bed until we feed him. Trade-offs.

Until next time,


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