6 Weeks and 6 Days

6 weeks.

6 days.

26 runs.

That’s what’s left between me and the starting line of the San Francisco Marathon.

I’ll admit, I’ve been kind of half-assing my training since Kauai. It was rough, coming back from sea level, but I definitely could have done more to put myself in the position to have better long runs.

‘Better’ isn’t the right word. Less painful. Less mentally challenging.

But no more. With six weeks to go and no more stress from school, I’m going to give this marathon training more focus. There are three areas that I think I can focus on to improve my training.


#1: S-T-R-E-T-C-H. And foam roll. I know some of you runners out there are flinching with guilt because runners are notorious for not wanting to do the recovery work. My lower back has been in a lot of pain on my long runs lately and I know it’s because of my hamstrings. I’ve had tight hamstrings my whole life and I need to give them the attention they need by stretching and foam-rolling regularly.

And by regularly, yes, I mean every day if possible. Realistically, some days it won’t happen but I’m going to try.

#2: Diet. This has suffered since Kauai too and also because I’ve never experienced the aftermath of a 16 mile run before. And when I’m that hungry, all the time, I don’t reach for healthy food. I reach for movie popcorn and gold-fish. While there’s nothing wrong with either of those foods, they don’t set me up for successful runs later.

So, from now until the marathon, I’m going to try to eat more unprocessed food. I find that ‘eating healthy’ is too vague a term. Unprocessed food is something concrete. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m giving up all processed food. It just means more vegetables, more grains from sweet potatoes or rice (instead of popcorn) and less Diet Coke. (This will be the hardest one, just watch.)


All smiles after my run this morning.

#3: Hydration. I really slacked in Kauai but I did okay. But Boise is a desert and with the temperatures creeping up, I need to make that a priority. My body handles dehydration really, really badly and it hits without warning.

So, my Hydro Flask is once again my new best friend.

If I’ve learned one thing so far (and I’ve learned a lot, believe me) it is that training for a marathon demands respect. It is not something you can half-ass and expect success. So here and now, I’m going to use my full ass to push myself to that starting line.


Because my cat is really cute when he sleeps.


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