Trip to Kauai: Days 7-9

This is the last Kauai post and, just a warning, I became less motivated to take pictures the last few days because the weather was not great and I wanted to just absorb the experience as much as I could.

Here we go.

Day 7: I went for a four mile easy run, which I actually managed to do at an easy pace, and saw a recently dead frog. It was disgusting. Then we went back to Hanalei and got the most amazing shaved ice from a place called JoJo’s. Matt and I split a flavor called ‘Berry Berry’ which had blackberry, boysenberry, and red raspberry. But JoJo’s put vanilla ice cream at the bottom and then put vanilla ice cream syrup over the top. It was heavenly. Highly recommend.


Then we rented paddle boards and kayaks and headed up this little river for about an hour and a half. I don’t have any pictures because I didn’t want to risk my phone but it was a lot of fun. Paddle-boarding is a lot of fun.

We all split up for lunch and I got another acai bowl. It was just as good the second time.

Lynnsey (the photographer) took family pictures before dinner, trying to catch the good light before the rain started, and I expect she was successful because she is always successful. Then we ate dinner and packed so we could be ready to leave by 10:00 am the next morning.

Day 8: Woke up around 7:00, had breakfast, some people swam at Queen’s Bath, and checked out of the house at 10:00. We went to Wailua Falls, which was a very large waterfall that did not involve a hike.


After Wailua Falls, we weren’t planning on stopping for lunch but Tim decided McDonald’s sounded good. Zach and I agreed our stomachs would not appreciate that choice and got Subway instead. Then we went to see the Spouting Horn. If you’ve ever seen the movie Fools Gold it’s basically like the big blowhole on the island. Very cool.

We also went to Glass Beach, which isn’t really an official beach and you definitely wouldn’t want to swim there. But the sand is made up of smoothed down bits of glass. (And yes, I know all sand is glass, my brother made the same point but this glass was still clearly glass instead of just grains of sand.) That was cool, if you could ignore the whole ‘pollution is not good for the planet’ thing.

Our flight wasn’t until 9:55 pm so we ended up hanging out a restaurant in Lihue for a good three hours. Matt, Lynnsey, Zach, Cheryl, Tim and I played a few rounds of Heads Up. We had dinner and then headed to the airport. We were so early the desk to check in and check bags wasn’t even open yet.

Once we did check in and go through security, at about 7:00, we hung out at the gate and I journaled. It made the time pass really quickly. We boarded the plane and all took some sleeping pills. The last thing I remember is some bumpiness on take off, probably because Kauai is always plagued by some amount of cloud cover….


Day 9: I don’t know if this counts but since we were still flying when Saturday came, I’m including it. I woke up a little bit before we landed in Seattle (Matt woke up before me and took a really unattractive picture of me sleeping with my mouth open, which did not make me happy.) I got some coffee from Starbucks and one of their turkey bacon sandwiches. We boarded our last flight to Boise and I fell asleep again. And then we were home!

And that’s a wrap on our trip! It was so much fun. I would definitely recommend Kauai if you’re looking for some great hikes to go with your beach. The humidity also isn’t that bad (at least compared to Philadelphia and Costa Rica, which are my two frames of reference since I grew up in a desert) and it is undeniably gorgeous.


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